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Stay and Play

St. Clement’s Stay and Play

This week, we held our first Stay and Play session, at ‘Free @ Last Community Building’. All the families that attended had a great time and the children enjoyed exploring, learning and meeting others. St. Clement’s Stay and Play runs every Wednesday, (Term time only) from 9.15am – 10.15am, at Free @ Last. Come along and join the fun!

Science Y6 Classification Systems

During this half term Year 6 will be looking at Classification and how all living things are  grouped according to certain  characteristics.

The children looked at the works of Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish scientist, who begun to classify living things. He grouped them into  main kingdoms  and split them into smaller groups. 

Learning about Hinduism in Year 5

Year 5’s RE topic this term is Hinduism and we are thinking about commitment. Our ‘big question’ is ‘How far will a Hindu go to show commitment?’

This week, we learnt about artifacts like the puja tray, which contains kum kum powder, incense, diva lamps, prashard (different types of offerings) and fruit or sweets. Did you know that different Murtis (gods or goddesses) like different types of offerings. Hindus do puja at least once a day as part of their daily routine to show commitment to their religion.

In groups, we made puja trays and the artifacts that are used by Hindus in this practice.

Jigsaw Dreams and Goals

This  term in Jigsaw Year 6 are looking at setting dreams and goals. We ,as a class,, discussed what  led to success and how we could set realistic goals in order to succeed. In  our circle we discussed individual successes and moments we felt proud of achieving success.

We shared the video ‘Wonder Goal’ by Michael Foreman. This is a story of a boy who wanted to become a world class footballer.  We discussed what he might need to do to achieve this.

Stop motion videos in Year 5

Year 5 have created stop motion videos using apps in the iPads. We first made story boards to plan the movements of the subject (the astronaut and space probe) across the landscapes that we had created. We took pictures, moving the subject a little bit at a time. Have a look at the videos that we created! We’re feeling very proud of our learning about Space!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10


Well Being Week…What We Think.

Well Being Week Pupil Voice

Mikaeel Reception – ” All the teachers keep me safe.”

Eliora Reception – ” The cameras on the building help make sure we stay safe.”

Hafsah Year 1 – “We learnt that exercising makes you feel amazing.”

Kye Year 1 – “Exercising give us more energy to do things and keeps us fit.”

Amira Year 2 – “We learnt about being kind to make people feel happy.”

Amaan Year 2 – “I learnt that when you help people you help their feelings.”

Dante Year 3 – “I learnt that deep breathing helps us stay calm.”

Olivia Year 3 – “I learnt lots of ways to keep myself healthy.”

Isaiah Year 4 – “Meditating is a way of staying calm.”

Ayah Year 4 – “I learnt that if my well being is good I am relaxed.”

Codie Year 5 – ” Fake news can be called ‘Clip Bait’ and things like Green Screen and Photo Shop are used to make it.”

Carmen Year 5 – ” Fake news is very bad and is used to spread bad things, make money and to give people the wrong information.”

Shanti Year 6 –  “You should never send inappropriate images – it can ruin your life and others.”

Erica Year 6 – ” I enjoyed learning about how much sleep I should get every night. It was really nice to find this out.”


This half term some children have had the chance to work with the Free@Last team in their new building. Children have experienced using the Climbing Wall and Recording Studio. Sessions will continue to run until the new year.

During the time spent at Free@Last we have been able to see what talented musicians and climbers we have at the academy. Well done to you all.

Y3’s Link class in Jakarta, Indonesia

Our link class is in a  school in Jakarta which is in Indonesia. We have already been sent videos and emails from our link class and this week we received a very battered parcel which had taken a few weeks to arrive.

Year 3 were most excited and couldn’t wait to see what was inside. To their surprise, our link class had produced posters telling us more about their school.  Year 3 worked collaboratively and helped each with reading and understanding.

St Clement’s PCSO’s

Here at St. Clement’s Academy we are lucky to work closely with Louise and Robbie our Police Community Support Officers.

Louise and Robbie come into school regularly and teach the pupils a range of lessons from what equipment Police Officers use to dealing with knife crime. Children are also lucky to get ‘Story Time’ with PCSO Robbie, which is enjoyed by them all. The Officers also help in Policing the streets in the community and manage parking outside of the academy. We would like to say “Thank You Louise and Robbie!”