Spring is here!

We have started our ‘Splendid Skies’ topic with creating art work based around the seasons and weather. We explored the weather we have in each season and showed this in our art work. We have been exploring Spring. We wrote acrostic poems based on Spring which tells us about all the things we see, feel, smell and hear in Spring time.



\IMG_0601 IMG_0602





All the children seem to have grown during the Easter Holiday but its not just the children!

Our growing area is thriving.  This week we thinned out the radishes. Some of us tasted the small radishes.


“the water is making them grow”

IMG_7347Carrot seedlings

The carrot seedlings are showing, we are looking forward to tasting them too.


Indoors our tomato plants are doing well.  We measured them with cubes to see how tall they are.


One of the plants is 21 cubes high.

IMG_7343Strawberry plant

We also have some beetroot starting to grow and Mrs Grant brought in some strawberry plants from her garden.


Mrs Ali planted some broad beans with the children.

Year 3’s visit BMAG to investigate Ancient Greeks

On Tuesday, Y3 caught the train into the city centre to visit Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to start our new topic ‘Gods and Mortals’. This topic is based around the Ancient Greeks and Y3 will be finding out more across this half term.

At the museum we explored the Ancient Greek gallery, sketched some of the artefacts, and then worked with Sarah, the museum teacher to design an amphora pot with a geometric design. This design was then scratched onto a final piece to imitate the black figure technique. Afterwards we explored the red figure technique by painting an owl design, as a gift for Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Both techniques were used by the Ancient Greeks.

Finally, Sarah took us back to the Ancient Greek gallery to carry out a treasure hunt, where we found the Ancient Greek equivalents of everyday objects, e.g. a jug or mug. Y3 also found out more about each of the different gods and designed an offering for them.

Ask Y3 to tell you  more about our visit 🙂


A child with a disability has the right to live a full and decent life with dignity and independence, and to play an active part in the community. Governments must do all they can to provide support to disabled children.

Here at St. Clement’s C of E Academy, the staff encourage the students to have fun, learn and build up their self-esteem, especially by creating after school clubs such as boxing and multi-sports, used to not just have fun, but to also help the children acknowledge that people with disabilities are fully welcome at the school.

Some of the worlds best sports stars are wheelchair basketball players.

A disability should not stop any child from living a normal life and having the same rights as others.


By Zain

Year 5 UNICEF committee

Innovate week

This week has been an Innovate week in Year 3. We have reached the end of this term’s topic ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ and have finished off with accepting a challenge from Starsmooth International.

              STARSMOOTH INTERNATIONAL – A taste sensation!                We are currently seeking ideas for a range of fresh and tempting new smoothie recipes to add to our existing menu, to be sold in our world-wide stores.Winning applicants will have the opportunity to become part of our highly regarded design and development team.For more information, please contact Squeezy Joe on 7963 7662662.

After reading the advert and accepting the challenge Y3 discussed their understanding of what a smoothie is and then sampled what is already available to buy in the supermarkets. Before tasting Year 3 had to predict the ingredients of each smoothie.

DSC03492 DSC03493 DSC03495 DSC03504 DSC03502 DSC03503 DSC03509 DSC03510 DSC03511 DSC03512 DSC03513

Even Nicola, our school nurse took part. As you can see some smoothies had nicer tastes than others!

Year 3 were then able to identify the flavours they liked and designed and named their own smoothie. Have a look at their fabulous designs.

On Friday morning we worked collaboratively to cut our fruit safely and blend to make a delicious smoothie 🙂

Learning in the Mud Kitchen

We have a mud kitchen outside that is very popular with the children.  When they are playing in the mud kitchen they are learning a range of skills.


Learning to be independent and put waterproofs on ourselves.


Practising writing on the menu board.


Developing gross motor skills in preparation for writing.


The open-ended nature of mud encourages creative thinking and allows children to freely create without fear of making mistakes.


Practising social skills such as cooperation, negotiation, communication, and sharing as they work together.


Maths and science skills are practised as children make before and after comparisons, solve problems, test theories, and measure and count ingredients for their mud pies.

Playing in the mud inspires children to feel a connection to nature and develop an appreciation for the environment

“But maybe the greatest benefit of mud play is the memories being created by the children. Mud play and the wonder and joy associated with it are the stuff that fabulous childhood memories are made of!”

(Some information from Mud Marvellous Mud by Michelle Rupiper)

Reception’s Easter Week

It has been another busy week in Reception. We started the week with the shining stars assembly. Well done to the children who received an award! All the children are making amazing progress. The children who had 100% attendance received a badge and got to watch a film as a special treat.
Reception have looked at the Easter story and enjoyed going to the church on Thursday for our special Easter service. The children did really well as they walked to the church and back very sensibly.
We hope you all enjoy a lovely break!

Here are some photos from our week:

IMG_2558 IMG_2575 IMG_2576 IMG_2613 IMG_2618 IMG_2623 IMG_2625 IMG_2630