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Year 6 post SATs

I am writing to congratulate you on your success at completing your KS2 assessments. Over the past few months you have worked so hard to cover key areas of the curriculum, such as:

– distinguishing which sentence are written in the passive and active voice

– calculating the unknown angles of a triangle

– identifying relative clauses

– thinking about author’s perspective

– calculating the value of x

I am immensely proud of how much effort you have put in, your will/determination to succeed and the support you have shown to your peers. Bearing this in mind, for homework this week and next, I would like you to complete as many of these activities as possible:– 

– Read a book

– Watch your favourite TV programme

– Smile

– Eat Haribo or ice-cream

– Laugh until your tummy hurts

– Go outside and enjoy the weather

– Go for a swim or walk

– Spend time on your favourite hobby

– Rest

– Cook or make something

– Have more Haribo or ice-cream

– Play in your garden

– Spend some quality time with your family

– Do something you have never done before!

Well done to each and every one of you and enjoy the weekend! I


SATs is looming

Mrs Harris’ handy tips

Over the weekend the children should relax and not feel stressed. They should eat chocolate,watch their favourite  movie and get some fresh air, They have worked extremely hard and need to feel confident next week.

The timetable for SATs is as follows: Monday, Spelling Grammar and Punctuation and spelling test, Tuesday Reading test, Wednesday Arithmetic paper and Mathematics Reasoning paper 2 and Thursday Mathematics Reasoning paper 3.

Good luck-you’ve got this Year 6

Year 5 trip to Library of Birmimgham!

As part of our topic of the seven wonders of the world , Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the Library of Birmingham and carry out research using non-fiction books. The children were all able to research and find out about atleast 3 wonders of the world. Year 5 had found out lots of new facts about what makes a wonder. 

End of Spring term

Year 6 have had yet another successful term in the lead up to SATs. They finished their Salvation unit in RE by making and thinking about how they could  use salvation in their Easter card designs. The class designed stained glass crosses with the biblical reference ‘ I am the reserrurection and the life’ John 11 : 25-26




Y3 visit to Beacon Park

It’s been a busy week half term and Year 3 have been out to visit Leomonsley Brook in Beacon Park in Lichfield.

As part of this term’s topic ‘Flow’, Year 3 visited Beacon Park, Lichfield. We had a great day with Ruth the Ranger observing, sampling and measuring Lemonsley Brook. After meeting Ruth, we split into three groups and started our activities. Those of us with wellies on were allowed into the brook to help Miss Groom measure the width and depth of the brook. We then had to measure the temperature of the water and the last part was the most fun. To measure how fast the brook was flowing we played the traditional game of Pooh Sticks with dog biscuits because they float and are also kind to the environment. Those without wellies timed them to see how fast the dog biscuits took to travel down river. We also measured how clean the water was, as this would tell us how well the plant would grow. The more circles we could see at the bottom of the container, the cleaner the water was.

Next, we went pond dipping with Ruth to take samples of the different creatures living in the brook. We managed to catch and observe a few creatures. This proves how clean the water is in Lemonsley Brook. We dragged a net in the water and then emptied our nets into a tray. We then used an identification chart to help us identify the things we had caught. It was great fun and Year 3 were really interested to see what lives below the surface of the water.

Mrs Akhtar and her group looked at the trees along the river bank and identified them from our key. There were eight different trees alongside the river. Why not ask Year 3 to see if they can name them?

A big thank you to Ranger Ruth 🙂

Year 5 trip to the Botanical Gardens

On Wednesday, Year 5 visited the Botanical Gardens as part of their learning about the topic Rain forests. The class had a fantastic time  in the taught session where they learnt about plants and animals from the rain forests. In these sessions the class had the opportunity to handle the animals: there was a stick insect, a chameleon and a corn snake. There was also some enormous seeds, such as the coconuts and the coco de mer. They were enormous! Year 5 then went exploring the different plants and birds. We saw the tropical, sub-tropical, Mediterranean and arid houses. We also met some  beautiful peacocks, peahens, parakeets (budgies) and a very friendly macaw! We learnt a lot and had lots of fun!

SATs are looming

In Year 6 this week we have been using our knowledge to solve a selection of typical word problems involving decimals, fractions and percentages.

The children have study books to help them and find these really useful.  They have been using their skills to relate decimals to fractions and percentages.