Roy Slim visit

On Friday 25th November, Roy Slim, who was a pupil at St Clement’s CofE Academy many years ago, joined us for a fun filled day.

He spent time with Year 1 and 2 discussing the history of the local area, which will help them in their topic this term.

Roy also enjoyed time with Year 5 discussing life in the RAF and memories from WW2.

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The School Council met with Roy to discuss what life use to be like at St Clement’s. They were able to find out about school life and routines, the games they played and the subjects Roy liked most. See our school website for a full video of the interview.

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It was a fabulous day enjoyed by all – Thank you Roy!

School Council


Year 2 Information

This week, Year 2 received a very important letter from The Dog’s Trust. It was asking us to help them find out how to look after a new dog that had arrived. We needed to find out how to keep him happy and healthy.

We investigated ways that we could find information and noticed that we had to use a special type of book, non – fiction.

We then found out lots of facts about dogs and how we look after them. Today we wrote our own non- fiction text that we can sent to The Dog’s Trust to help them look after their new dog.



Our local area

In Geography this term, Year 1 are learning about our local area. We have been thinking about the different things we have in the area of Nechells. We used an internet app to see a map and explore our local street view. We found where we live and some human features in our area such as the shops we go to and our school. We know that human features are built by someone. Today we were extremely lucky to have a visit from Roy Slim who used to live in Nechells many year ago. We asked him clever questions about what Nechells was like and found out lots of facts!


Nursery visit the Fire Station

Yesterday we had a great time at Handsworth Fire Station.

Mo showed us the different parts of a Firefighter’s uniform.  We found out that they leave their boots inside their trousers so that they can put them on quickly.


The children then dressed up as Firefighters and we were taken on a tour of the fire station.




We saw the smaller fire vehicle and then the big fire engine came back. The Firefighter switched on the blue flashing lights and made us all jump with the loud horn!  Next we saw the hose and the special cutting tool.  Finally we saw the special pole and two Firefighters slid down it, they went really fast.


Role Play’s where it’s at.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo help us with learning how to write direct speech we have been using role play.  Using role play helped us get into character and create a conversation between ourselves and our partner.  We then put this conversation into speech bubbles.  Then from the speech bubbles writing dialogue using inverted commas.  The children explored different situations including

Looking out of a window with their mum or dad.

having a friend over for tea

standing in the dinner line

Being in a maths lesson with their uncle

a rainy playtime with their best friend.


Have a look at our photos and why not have a conversation with Year 3 whilst doing any of these activities and see where it leads you.  You may be surprised.  We were!

The beauty of flowers

Our science work in year 5 has been about Life Processes and Living Things. As part of that we have been looking at plants, how they grow , what they need to grow and also parts of a flower.

In our latest lesson the children had to dissect a flower and lay all the parts out and create a labelled diagram and explain what each part was for.





Year 6 explore the Victorians

Year 6 have been researching about the Victorians and how they lived.

Below is a few examples of our research into the slums.

Victorian slums.

It was very hard for the Victorians to make money when you live a hard, unsuccessful life. They survived on not much food and wore horrible clothes. If you were poor you would possibly have a bath once a month or even longer.

London slums were the worst houses because they were very small and you would have had to share a house with many other people. It was possible for you to share a place with total strangers. The Victorian slum houses were very smelly and very different to the houses we have now in the 21st century. A Victorian house (slum) would have been all on one floor you would not have had not a lot of things in the house.

By Tiarno and Misha

Victorian Slums

A Victorian slum is like an apartment building where the poor used to live. There was only one toilet, one bathtub and a place to get water, all in the courtyard. If you couldn’t pay the rent you would get kicked out of the slum or be forced to live in the doss house. The doss house was where you would sleep in coffin like bedding or sleep hanging over a rope. There was a small shop in a slum where you could buy goods like bread, butter or fish. The people who lived in slums would make match boxes, grew cress and make wooden handles to earn money.

By Damon


Victorian slums

Slums were places where poor people went to live and work to get money for food. They were grimy, horrible buildings with lots of people living there. The “neighbours” weren’t very friendly. They would only have one or two beds, depending on how rich they were. The rooms were cramped up, with wallpaper falling of the mouldy, stained walls. The less fortunate may have had to share a room with another family. In one slum, they had one toilet so everyone had to take turns. If they were really unlucky, they had to use a bucket and brush and every time someone used it… they chucked it out the window!

By Inaiya and T

Tree Planting

woodland trust

A few weeks ago we received 30 saplings (baby trees) free from The Woodland Trust.

This week, with the help of some of the children, I have been planting them in the playground.

The saplings are very small but hopefully will grow and grow over the coming years.

We have planted Hazel, Rowan and Birch trees.

Thank-you to those children who helped during their lunchtime.




Taster Session

The School Council worked with kitchen staff on tasting samples from the 2016 Christmas menu.

ASPENS staff and the children, worked together to decide on the Christmas menu and what tasty treats will be served.

The children got to sample a variety of ideas and were able to come to a decision.

SDC10685 SDC10686 SDC10687 SDC10688 SDC10690 SDC10692 SDC10693 SDC10694 SDC10695 SDC10696 SDC10697

Don’t forget to join us for a Christmas lunch and try the scrumptious dishes yourself.


School Council