Year 2 visit Aston Hall.

This week Year 2 went on an exciting trip to Aston Hall. We went as part of our learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’. Aston Hall was built at around the same time as The Great Fire of London, this meant we could find out about how people lived in the 17th century.

We found out lots about how the fire started and how everybody had to work together to put the fire out. We were able to walk around the cold rooms in Aston Hall to see what the kitchens, bedrooms and great halls would have looked like back in 1666. We had to use our imagination to find out what would have happened when the fire started in Pudding Lane and how it spread all the way through London.

Some children got to dress up as Thomas Farriner, Samuel Peyps and King Charles II, as well as their maids. We acted out parts of what would have happened during the fire. We thought about how the fire started in the kitchen, what Samuel Peyps would have seen and how people had to work together to put the fire out as there wasn’t any fire men like we have today!

Even though we had to walk a very long way, we had lots of fun!

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Persuasion and Problems in Year 5

This week, Year 5 have been developing their skills at persuasive writing.  We have based it around our topic work on evacuees in World War 2 and have written a letter to parents persuading them to evacuate their children to a safer environment.

DSC02246  DSC02251



We rehearsed new sentence types to a develop our  writing skills.DSC02255

DSC02259 DSC02261Then we selected vocabulary that would enhance our work.










In Maths we studied how to find the area and perimeter of shapes. On Friday we put our knowledge to the test by solving multi step word problems.





We worked in groups and earned points on how we worked together, the way we explained how we solved the problem and if we got the answer correct.


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Chicken Licken, playdough and turn taking!

Chicken Licken

In Nursery this week the children have enjoyed listening to the story of Chicken Licken.  They have been practising rhyme by remembering the names of  the characters in the story.  The children are now able to join in with the repeating phrases with great enthusiasm!

chicken licken


The children enjoy playing with the playdough and it is great for developing their fine motor skills.  This week the children noticed that the playdough had become very sticky.  We decided to make some more.  We talked about the ingredients needed and took turns to mix everything together.  The children enjoyed using the playdough when it was still warm and used lots of great vocabulary.


Turn taking

It is very difficult to take turns when you are only three!  This week the children all wanted a turn on the interactive whiteboard.  We talked about taking it in turns and I suggested that the children used the sand timer to help.  With a little encouragement they did really well.


School Council

The School Council, met this week, to discuss and feedback on the work they have been doing regarding lunchtimes. The children collected the opinions of pupils and staff and were able to voice ideas from Early Years to Year 6.

Article 12:  Every child has the right to have a say in all matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously.

The main points discussed were lunchtime play equipment, lunches and lunchtime clubs.

After half term, the children will arrange meetings with Mr Ricketts and Aspens Food Service to discuss the ‘wants’ expressed by the children of St Clement’s Academy.

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The School Council