Arrr! Pirate Day!

There was something a bit strange happening in Year 2 last week. Instead of a class full of lovely, well behaved children, there was a room full of PIRATES!!!!

Year 2 enjoyed dressing up and acting like pirates for the day. The children had their own pirate crew for the day and tried to win points for their crew. Together they sang their own sea shanties by exploring how to make music using water and glass jars. We found out that we could make a low pitched sound if the jar was full of water and a high pitched sound it if was less full.

DSC02932 DSC02961 DSC02982 DSC02995 DSC02996

Later the children took part in their very own treasure hunt! They were searching for scrolls of information.  If they could answer the question on their scroll they got a gold coin that they could exchange for some treasure!


The case of the frozen hand

Science week was very mysterious in Year 4. Mrs Harris discovered a frozen hand and asked Year 4 for help.  Where had it come from? How could we return it to the Arctic without it melting?

After brainstorming ideas, we investigated the properties of materials to find which would insulate our hand and stop it from thawing. Our fair test showed which materials worked well and helped us to design an insulated delivery system for our frozen hand.

Science Week in Year 3

This has been a very exciting week which started with and assembly and also a class workshop with Jane, our Science Boffin.


We had great fun making a polymer – slime! Ask one of us what polymer actually means.

As a class we investigated the question ‘Which chocolate melts the fastest?’  First, we discussed our own ideas and made predictions.


Then we investigated and after looking at our results we posed our own What if? questions to then further investigate.


Check back soon to see the photographs of our investigation and our results.


Science Week in Year 1

The Superheroes needed Year 1’s help! They wanted to find out what would happen to skittles if they were placed in hot water and in freezing cold water. The helpful Year 1’s were eagar and willing! The children made predictions and decided how they were going to conduct their experiment.


They also decided what equipment was needed and wrote a list.



They observed closely to the changes that occurred.

They found out that the skittles dissolved quicker in hot water, and slower in cold water. The children especially loved how the skittles made rainbow colours in the water!

Writing in Nursery

In Nursery the children do lots of  activities to get their hands and fingers ready for writing.

Some children make marks on paper and tell us what is says.  Some children are starting to copy letters.  Some children are learning to write their name.

Have a look at some of our fantastic writing:

IMG_6683 IMG_6704 IMG_6734 IMG_6736 IMG_6758IMG_6759Arooj’s story



Great story Fowzan!



Amelia’s name writing

Grace Darling

We have been learning about the story of Grace Darling in our topic lessons. We found out that she lived in a lighthouse and watched out for ships that might be in trouble. One stormy night she saw a boat had hit some rocks and had begun to sink. Grace called her dad for help and the two of them went out to see in their little canoe boat, even though the weather made it very dangerous.  Grace and her dad managed to save 9 crew members who they brought back to their lighthouse and looked after until the morning.

Year 2 have been acting out the events of that evening and we have been discussing how brave and kind Grace Darling and her dad were. DSC02883 DSC02896 DSC02879 DSC02889

Mirror Images

Over this half term, Green class have been working  to develop their gymnastic skills. We have worked on our individual rolls (forward, pencil and teddy bear), balances (one, two and three point) and jumps. This week we have spent time developing our mirror images with a partner and to then combining our skills to create and perform a sequence.


Have a look at our video clips and photos 🙂