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Happy Mother’s Day from Nursery

Nursery have made lovely cards for their mummies this week.  We used potatoes to make tulip prints then tried our best to write our name inside.


On Friday we performed a song in the Mother’s Day assembly.  We got a bit nervous and didn’t sing as loud as we usually do but everyone enjoyed it.

Wishing all the mummies a very Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

Rosie’s Walk

Nursery have enjoyed reading the book Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins.  In the story Rodie goes for a walk through the farmyard.  She doesn’t realise that the fox is following her.

The story helped us to practise positional language like ‘over’ ‘under’ and ‘through’.  We enjoyed making up our own versions of the story using different farm animals.


Book Week in Nursery

On Monday an author called John Dougherty came to visit.  He read us his funny book called ‘There’s a Pig up my Nose!’ He also played his guitar and sang about the story whilst we joined in with the sound effects.  It was great fun.  Lots of us would like to be authors when we grow up.

We love books 🙂

On World Book Day we dressed up as our favourite book characters and Year 2 came to Nursery to read with us.  We enjoyed looking at books and reciting the story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ together.

On Friday our parents came in for a reading workshop.  We listened to ‘Chicken Lickin’ and showed our parents how good we are at joining in with the repeating phrases.  Then our mums and dads helped us make Chicken Licken stick puppets to take home.  We then chose a book to read with our parents .


This week we spent some time getting the garden ready to plant seeds.

We had to dig the area first and pull out all of the weeds.


We tried hard to get all the roots as well and we enjoyed seeing who could find the longest root.

We had to take turns when using the garden tools and make sure that we used them safely.

We found worms and caterpillars while we were digging.


Creativity week in Nursery

Tinga Tales – Tales from Africa

In Nursery we have been reading ‘Why Elephant has a Trunk’.

We created our own artwork inspired by the patterns and colours from African art and cloth.  We had a go at weaving paper and also practised our cutting skills.

We also watched a video of African drumming.  Mrs Grant goes to African drumming lessons so she taught us a simple rhythm.

mixing paint in Nursery

The children experimented with using the paints to make different colours.

We made shades of brown to paint the Ark we had made for our Noah’s Ark display.

Purple mixed with white made a lovely shade of purple.

Red and white to make a lovely pink colour.

A lovely bright orange was made by mixing red and yellow.


This week in Nursery we have been reading Aliens love Underpants.

The children have really enjoyed the story, there have been lots of giggles when listening to what the cheeky aliens get up to.

The book is full of rhyming words and some children are starting to spot them.

The children have created colourful pairs of pants which we are going to put up on display soon so come and have a look.

Our family project this half term is for the children to make their own aliens.  They can be made from any resources.  They could be made from old cardboard boxes, playdough, scraps of fabric or anything else you can think of.  We are looking forward to seeing them in school in a few weeks time.