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Well Being Week…What We Think.

Well Being Week Pupil Voice

Mikaeel Reception – ” All the teachers keep me safe.”

Eliora Reception – ” The cameras on the building help make sure we stay safe.”

Hafsah Year 1 – “We learnt that exercising makes you feel amazing.”

Kye Year 1 – “Exercising give us more energy to do things and keeps us fit.”

Amira Year 2 – “We learnt about being kind to make people feel happy.”

Amaan Year 2 – “I learnt that when you help people you help their feelings.”

Dante Year 3 – “I learnt that deep breathing helps us stay calm.”

Olivia Year 3 – “I learnt lots of ways to keep myself healthy.”

Isaiah Year 4 – “Meditating is a way of staying calm.”

Ayah Year 4 – “I learnt that if my well being is good I am relaxed.”

Codie Year 5 – ” Fake news can be called ‘Clip Bait’ and things like Green Screen and Photo Shop are used to make it.”

Carmen Year 5 – ” Fake news is very bad and is used to spread bad things, make money and to give people the wrong information.”

Shanti Year 6 –  “You should never send inappropriate images – it can ruin your life and others.”

Erica Year 6 – ” I enjoyed learning about how much sleep I should get every night. It was really nice to find this out.”

St Clement’s Multi Sports Morning

On Friday St Clement’s invited 3 schools to the Aston Villa Academy building for a multi sports morning. All the children took part in a number of sports such as football, handball, dodgeball, coneball and rounders. It was great to see all the children competingDSC_0561 DSC_0685 DSC_0703 DSC_0743 DSC_0808 DSC_0759 DSC_0640 DSC05458 DSC05490 DSC_0818

and making lots of friends in the process. A big thank you to St Michael’s and Grestone Academy for attending.