This week, Year 2 have completed their SATs tests. Myself and Miss Shryane are incredibly proud of how hard the children have tried to do their best in their reading and maths papers. They have all done themselves proud and deserve a well earned rest of the coming half term.

In addition to working hard all week, it has also been Year 2’s class assembly. The children spoke clearly and confidently about Ramadan. There was acting, singing and even a costume change!

Well done Year 2!

Let’s go fly a kite!

In Year 1, we have been designing and making kites. In Science, we have been looking at materials. We tested different materials and decided which material would be the best to make an umbrella. We tested tissue paper, plastic, felt and foil. We found out that foil and plastic were waterproof. But, later decided that foil wasn’t as strong as plastic. We followed our design to make our umbrellas, tested them out. Then we evaluated what went well and what would need to be improved if we were to make them again.

Look at them fly!

IMG_0547 IMG_0542

Capacity in Y3

Capacity has been the focus for our Maths learning this week. Y3 started off by ordering and estimating how much water each container would hold.  Each team then worked collaboratively to use the measuring cylinders to find out how accurate their estimates were.

Following on from this Y3 have been able to apply their new learning to a range of problem solving activities.

 IMG_0521 IMG_0520 IMG_0518 IMG_0517

Visit to the Masjid Ali Mosque Year 6

As part of our RE topic this term we were looking at comparing  the beliefs of Muslims and Christians.

On arrival at the mosque we were taken into the prayer room where the Iman recited suras from the Qu’ran. We were shown around and asked many questions. The leader was very informative and we left knowing  there are many  similarities between both religions.

One prayer room has the capacity to have over 2000 people praying at once. This room is mainly used at Eid and Ramadan.










Year 6 – Feelings

In year 6 we discussed our own early warning signs and when we get them. What are our emotional and physical feelings?  and what feeling safe feels like, so when we don’t feel safe our bodies tell us by giving us physical early warning signs like Dot’s butterflies in her stomach.


Year 3 – Road Safety

In Year 3 we talked about road safety and how we keep ourselves safe when crossing the road.  We started off by asking everyone how to cross a road safely? Discussed if we ever ran across a road, or crossed somewhere dangerous or have been pushed into a road by someone? Then we all shared our stories.

School Trip to the Community Sports HUB

Friday 19th MayDSC_0923 DSC_0776 DSC_0694 DSC_0566 DSC_0516 DSC_0483 Years 1 to 6 went to the Community Sports HUB to take part in sporting activities such as cricket, rounder’s, football, tennis and boxing. Everyone took part in each activity for 45 minutes. Despite the damp weather lots of fun was had by all. It was great to see all the children showing off what they had learnt in their PE lessons. The teachers have said that it was a fantastic day and great to see the children demonstrating their skill set out side of the classroom. This was great for the children’s physical development and we look forward to having more days like this next year.

Samir Y4 “My favourite sport was the tennis because we had lots of space to play which we don’t normally get in school.”

Tavani Y4 “My Favourite sport was cricket because we don’t normally play big games and I won a medal.”

Amira Y3 “I liked the football because it was really good playing on a proper grass pitch”

Reuben Y5 “Boxing was my favourite because the gym was really nice and I enjoyed using the bags.”


PHSE – Year 4 and 5

 Year 4 – Changes
In Year 4 we discussed ‘Changes’. We talked about what changes are and I asked children to think about any changes they have experienced and the feelings they had.   The children then had to write a list of changes they have had and indicated if they were positive or negative.
 Year 5 – Feelings
This afternoon in Year 5 we discussed ‘Feelings’ and if anyone had ever had a pet that had died and how they felt about it – together the children discussed their stories and then shared as a whole class. To help the children understand the feelings they can experience we read the story ‘when  someone goes away’, then the children complete the pages on feelings from their journals.