Science – Year 5

This week in science the children looked at different insects and their body parts. They had the opportunity to explore the body parts and identify the similarities and differences between the different insects. Take a look at some of the amazing diagrams the children have put together of their chosen insect.

Happy Mother’s Day from Nursery

Nursery have made lovely cards for their mummies this week.  We used potatoes to make tulip prints then tried our best to write our name inside.


On Friday we performed a song in the Mother’s Day assembly.  We got a bit nervous and didn’t sing as loud as we usually do but everyone enjoyed it.

Wishing all the mummies a very Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

Year 4 Maths problem

We have been working systematically to solve a  maths problems using our knowledge of multiplication and division.

The problem was:

In the forest there is a Deca Tree. A Deca Tree has 10 trunks, and on each trunk there are 10 branches, and on each branch there are 10 twigs, and on each twig there are 10 leaves. One day a woodcutter came along and cut down one trunk from the tree.
Then he cut off one branch from another trunk of the tree.
Then he cut off one twig from another branch.
Finally he pulled one leaf from another twig.

How many leaves were left on the tree then?

There are 10 leaves per twig
There are 10 twigs per branch
10 leaves x 10 twigs = 100 leaves per branch
There are 10 branches per trunk
100 leaves x 10 branches = 1000 leaves per trunk
There are 10 trunks per tree
1000 leaves x 10 trunks = 10 000 leaves on the tree

Cut off one trunk: 10 000 – 1000 = 9000 leaves left
Cut off one branch: 9000 – 100 = 8900 leaves left
Cut off one twig: 8900 – 10 = 8890 leaves left
Pull off one leaf: 8890 – 1 = 8889 leaves left

There are 8889 leaves left on the tree.

R.E Year 6

This week during RE year 6 were looking at why Jesus was condemned to death.The children read John 19, the lead up to Jesus’ death and as a class discussed his betrayal by Judas,  the trial before Pilate and   the crucifixion.

The children wrote letters to Caesar asking  him to set Jesus free. 

Parent’s Voice – Mentoring

Mentoring sessions have helped my daughter a lot. My daughter is happier at home and at school and I would like for these sessions to continue.
Year 5 Parent

I am very pleased to see my daughter happy at home since she has been getting mentoring sessions. She has been happier and wants to come to school. I would like for these sessions to continue.
Reception Parent

Pupil Voice – Handwriting

I really enjoy handwriting because it has helped me do my letters properly and my mum said my writing is getting better and that makes me very happy.
Kye – Year 1

I enjoy handwriting because it will make me better at writing stories.
Harry – Year 1

Handwriting has helped me a lot because now I am joining my ‘a’ and ‘e’s properly and its neater because my handwriting was messy before.
Amelia – Year 2

Handwriting has helped me by writing neater and I am practicing more and its looking better.
Tasia – Year 2

I enjoy handwriting because my handwriting is getting better and my teacher can see a difference in it and that makes me happy.
Alisha – Year 3

What I enjoy best about handwriting is that is has helped me write neater and I can form my letters properly. I can see a difference in my handwriting.
Dante – Year 3

Best thing that I enjoy about handwriting is that it has improved my handwriting and I can now join properly.
Abdullah – Year 4

By ding handwriting it has helped me improved my letters and I now form them better its helped me out and I have been joining up a lot more.
La-Rhetta – Year 4

What I like most about handwriting is that is helps me with forming my letters properly and I now use it in my writing in Literacy. My writing is now neater than it was before.
Aaliyah – Year 5

The best thing that I enjoy about handwriting is that is has helped me improve my writing. I can for my letters properly. My handwriting has improved and will continue to get better with practice.
Codie – Year 5

Handwriting has helped me a lot because now I am practicing all the time and it has helped me in Literacy and my mum said my writing is getting better.
Muhanad – Year 6

Handwriting has really helped me with forming my letters properly. My writing was very big before and now is smaller and neater.
Printesa – Year 6

Cherry Blossom Art in Year 3

This week Year 3 have been taking inspiration from the beautiful cherry blossom trees in Japan.

Year 3 have created their interpretations of these unique blossoms using paint and different techniques to apply. Everyone worked hard to stay focused and concentrate on making their images unique – just like the real things!

These beautiful images were then used on our Mother’s Day cards


Fruit tasting in Year 1

In Year 1,we have been learning about countries from all around the world. This week we have been exploring  fruits from different continents around the world. We did some fruit tasting and we thought of how they looked, smelt, felt and tasted.

We like the pineapple the best!