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Thinking about the special people who look after us!

In year 2 we have been busy preparing for Mother’s Day. We have been learning lots of songs, in preparation for the Mothers’s Day assembly, thanking our mum’s for all the wonderful ways they help us. We made some beautiful cards by sketching Spring daffodils and carefully colouring them in using watercolours. As a class we discussed ways that we could thank people who look after us and thought of simple gestures as ways to show our appreciation.


It is a very important time in Year 2 at the moment as the children are preparing very hard for their SATs. This week we have been focusing on fractions and finding fractions of a shape, set of object and an amount. 

Book Week.

Last week was a very fun, creative week in Year 2!

On Thursday it was book week and we all dressed up as monsters or mythical creatures from our favourite books. Year 2 looked fantastic and they all had a great day!

Throughout the week, Year 2 read the book ‘The Singing Mermaid’ by Julia Donaldson. We found out that the mermaid had been lied to by Sam Sly and kept in a horrible, small fish tank. As a class, we wrote letters pretending to be the mermaid to tell the sea creatures what had been happening.

We also sketched some fantastic mermaids and used watercolours to improve them. We used sponges to make a watery back ground and our master pieces were complete! Come and chec

Commotion in the Ocean.

Year two have begun learning about Sea creatures and all living things under the sea.

As a class, we read the collection of poems called ‘commotion in the ocean’. We looked at how the poems were structured and what we thought made a good poem. We also learnt some off by heart and performed them to the rest of the class.

We learnt about using our voice and including actions to make it more interesting. Then we wrote our own poems about sea creatures. Come and check them out!




This week we have been looking at instruction texts in year 2. We found out that if we need to know how to make or do something, we need to read instructions to tell us what to do. We wanted to make our very own pirate cutlasses so we needed to read some instructions to help us. First we had to put back together some instructions that had been cut up. This helped us to understand each of the sections in an instruction text. Then we followed the instructions to make our own swords. We are looking forward to be able to use them on our upcoming pirate day!

Frozen treasure!

Year 2 came back from lunch to find that all of Pirate Pete’s treasure had been frozen! They were given then task of finding out how they could melt the ice quickly to give the treasure back to Pirate Pete. We had lots of liquids to choose from including vinegar, salt water and hot water. We then chose from a selection of tools to administer the liquids including paintbrushes, pipettes and our own hands.

We made sensible predictions about which material and tool would melt the ice the quickest. We found that hot water and a paintbrush got us to the gleaming booty the quickest!


How do heavy things float?

We decided that only light things float, but then we thought about boats. How do they float?

To investigate we made our own boats out of play dough and changed the shape to see if certain shapes helped it to float. We found that if we made the play dough into a curved shape, it floated but a big lump of play dough sank. We found out that this was because of air. If you add air into a material it is more likely to float than a dense material with no air it in. Changing the shape of the play dough to a curved boat shape allowed more air into the material so it floated!

Here are some pictures of us investigating:

6’s and 7’s Pupil Voice

I really enjoyed learning about feelings and talking to other people

Anas – Year 2


I liked learning about giving kind messages to people and about sharing our feelings.

Amelia – Year 2


What I enjoyed the most was sharing our feelings and giving warm messages.

Hafsa – Year 1


I enjoyed learning about giving warm messages and sharing feelings.

Harry – Year 1

Well Being Week…What We Think.

Well Being Week Pupil Voice

Mikaeel Reception – ” All the teachers keep me safe.”

Eliora Reception – ” The cameras on the building help make sure we stay safe.”

Hafsah Year 1 – “We learnt that exercising makes you feel amazing.”

Kye Year 1 – “Exercising give us more energy to do things and keeps us fit.”

Amira Year 2 – “We learnt about being kind to make people feel happy.”

Amaan Year 2 – “I learnt that when you help people you help their feelings.”

Dante Year 3 – “I learnt that deep breathing helps us stay calm.”

Olivia Year 3 – “I learnt lots of ways to keep myself healthy.”

Isaiah Year 4 – “Meditating is a way of staying calm.”

Ayah Year 4 – “I learnt that if my well being is good I am relaxed.”

Codie Year 5 – ” Fake news can be called ‘Clip Bait’ and things like Green Screen and Photo Shop are used to make it.”

Carmen Year 5 – ” Fake news is very bad and is used to spread bad things, make money and to give people the wrong information.”

Shanti Year 6 –  “You should never send inappropriate images – it can ruin your life and others.”

Erica Year 6 – ” I enjoyed learning about how much sleep I should get every night. It was really nice to find this out.”

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. in Year 2!

This week, Christmas cheer has been creeping into the Year 2 classroom as we begin our preparations for the important festival for Christians.

In our R.E lessons, we have been learning about the advent wreath and what each part represents. We know there is a candle for each Sunday in Advent that represent love, hope, joy and peace. As a class we have been reflecting on how each of these values feature in our lives and how we might be able to demonstrate them ourselves.


This week we have also made some festive hats to wear to our Christmas lunch! We had a great time eating turkey, pulling crackers and eating delicious mince pies! It was extra special for some of us whose parents came to celebrate with us.

Have a look at us in our amazing hats.