Reception’s Book Week

This week we have explored non-fiction texts about autumn. We learnt that we can find out information from books and computers. The children found out lots of facts about autumn as well as exploring things such as conkers, autumn leaves, pine cones, sticks and plants.

We also made our own autumn information books. Make sure you check them out on display as you come into Early Years.


Horrible Histories in Year 5

Last week was Book Week and the focus was non-chronological reports. In year 5, we decided to write about Egyptians, but in the style of Horrible Histories. After reading a range of information texts to retrieve facts, we wrote our own reports using headings and sub-headings. We chose our favourite section to redraft and added  illustrations.

Did you know Egyptians often fed the brains of bodies they were mummifying to the cat? Crazy, but true.

Have a look at our finished writing and art work.

Report writing in Year 3

This half term has been extremely busy for Year 3 and has finished up with a wonderful display of our reports outside the classroom. All children researched information necessary to write about either a tiger or gorilla. Year 3 used a skeleton plan to record their information in words or short phrases and then used this to write their own reports. Have a read and see what you can learn about these amazing animals.

Mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei) silverback in Susa group, Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda
Mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei) silverback in Susa group, Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda


Have a look and see if you can see some of the features.
Can you spot the main heading and sub headings?
Is the report written in the present tense?
Has the writer organised their information into paragraphs?
Has the write included prepositions or a noun, www sentences in their writing?

Year 3 have quickly become experts and know lots of information about gorillas and tigers.  Ask them more when you see them around school.

Electrical Celebrations

This half term Year 6  were  looking at electrical celebrations  and had to make a prototype of a product they would like to light up. The children linked this with their Frozen Kingdom  topic . They chose penguins and lighthouses. They had to make the circuit using wires, cells, bulbs and  bulb holders . The children presented their prototypes  to the class.







Year 5 Forest School

This week the Year 5 children have enjoyed using our Forest School area.  The highlight of the week for me was on Wednesday.  The children decided to build a shelter.  I was really impressed with the way they worked together and listened to each other’s ideas.

When they had finished the shelter they moved seating logs under it, built a pretend camp fire and we sat under it for our reflection time.

IMG_8310 IMG_8311 IMG_8312 IMG_8313 IMG_8314