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This week we have explored British culture, traditions and values as we have celebrated our Queen’s 90th birthday.

We have made kites, flags & bunting, red roses and sandwiches as we prepared for yesterday’s St George’s Day street party which was really great fun. We picnicked, played games and danced in the sun. At the end of the day we all were presented with a commemorative crown  as a memento of a very special day.

As part of our celebrations, every class focussed on a different time in the Queen’s life . We looked at 2000-16. We have explored the Olympic games hosted in England in 2012. We have also looked at the celebrations for The Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilees.

We have talked about our special friends  the things we have in common ,our differences and how we should respect the things that make others unique and special to us.

This week two local police officers joined us for fruit and milk. They told us all about their job and let us have a good look at their uniform. Another great moment in Nursery!

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  1. Nasrut shaheen
    25TH APRIL 2016 AT 9:50 AM
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    Look forward to more events organised. Everybody in nursery- a job well done. Keep up the good work.

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