Year 3 Hinduism Assembly

Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend Year 3’s class assembly. We have been learning all about Hinduism in R.E. and shared some of the stories that we have learnt in Hinduism.

We told the Hindu creation story, the story of Holika and Prahlard and shared what we know about mandirs and Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Exploring materials in Year 1

In Year 1, we have been exploring different materials and their properties. The superheroes needed our help and Year 1 came to the rescue! Superman needed a waterproof cape and Batman needed a new batcave. Year 1 have been scientist predicting, investigating and recording their findings.


Reception’s Sports Morning!

This morning Reception had a fantastic time in the MUGA with Mr Burton. They did a running race, egg and spoon race, throwing and catching and an obstacle course. They had so much fun and all received a gold medal for taking part. Thank you to parents and carers for being a great audience, it really meant  a lot to the children. And a big thank you to Mr Burton for organising!

Well done Reception! 

Year 5 investigate jelly

Following on from their work investigating which substances were soluble,  year 5 generated their own questions about whether they could speed up the rate at which substances dissolved.  We worked in groups to choose a question to investigate and see if we could make jelly dissolve faster. Groups investigated whether the size of the piece of jelly affected the rate or the temperature of the water or the number of times it was stirred. We recorded our observations and the time taken to completely dissolve before writing a conclusion.

St. Clement’s Nursing Home



Visiting St. Clement’s Nursing Home

On the twenty eighth of June 2018, six people from Nursery – Sophie, Eliza, Subhan, Ayaan, Mariam and Christianna visited St. Clement’s Nursing Home. During our visit, we met a variety of people who had very different personalities.

We arrived at five past ten in the morning; we were welcomed by Naomi and Simone who led us upstairs to meet the residents. The nursery children sang for eight different adults. The first song the children sang was ‘Six Little Monkeys’ which some of the adults even joined in with. In total the children sang four different songs and told one story. They sang Six Little Monkeys, Ba Ba Black Sheep, Wheels on the Bus and Five Men in a Flying Saucer and the story was ‘ We are Going on a Bear Hunt’ which everyone seemed to enjoy.  


After singing, the children had a cold drink [squash]. Approximately five minutes after a soothing drink, the children did some colouring with the adults at the nursing home. Ayaan coloured with Lorraine, Christiana coloured with Princess Mary [they call her that because she’s always wearing a crown] and Lesley coloured with Mariam. They all coloured in pictures of animals in a zoo. Eugenia, resident of the Nursing Home, sang ‘Daisy Daisy’ over and over and again with Lesley.


Overall, the nursery children had an amazing time with the teachers and the adults at St. Clements Nursing home and we cannot wait till the next visit.

Eesaa Yasir Year 5






Jigsaw – Year 4

Changing me
Accepting change
Shared ‘The jigsaw charter’ with the children to reinforce how we work together.
Calm me
At the beginning of every jigsaw lesson we help our minds calm down so that we are ready to learn.
I spread out all the emotion cards into the floor. Then read out one of the scenario cards and asked the children to stand on the emotion card that best describes the emotion they feel in the situation. We then talked about how they are feeling about going into year 5 and it’s okay to feel a little nervous.

Jigsaw – Year 3

Changing me – looking ahead
Shared ‘The jigsaw charter’ with the children to reinforce how we work together.
Calm me
At the beginning of every jigsaw lesson we help our minds calm down so that we are ready to learn.
Two visiting children frim year 4 came into the classroom and joined our circle. I explained to the children that the two year 4 children have come to talk to them about what it might be like to be in year 4 and to tell the children some of the changes that happened to them whist they were in year 4 (e.g learning to swim, being able to read a higher level, making a different friend, growing taller etc.) the children shared the changes that happened to them and then gave time for questions from the children to the two visitors.
I then asked the children in year 3 how things to think about what changes they think might happen to them when they are in year 4.  Then I asked the year 4 children to share how they coped with any changes. Did hey notice them? How did they feel?

Year 6 Classification keys

This week in science we have looked  at classification keys. We  studied Carl Linnaeus ,who was a Swedish  scientist, who discovered a way  to classify and name all life on Earth

We studied how he did this and put  our new knowledge to the test and skilfully sorted all types of pasta into groups, looking at similarities and differences.



Jigsaw – Year 6

Shared ‘The jigsaw charter’ with the children to reinforce how we work together.
Calm me
At the beginning of every jigsaw lesson we help our minds calm down so that we are ready to learn.
Continuing from last week Year 6 children had to research about their new schools and find out information that they would want to know about. Children had to write down any questions that they would want to ask when they visit their new school on transition day.