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Parent’s Voice – Mentoring

Mentoring sessions have helped my daughter a lot. My daughter is happier at home and at school and I would like for these sessions to continue.
Year 5 Parent

I am very pleased to see my daughter happy at home since she has been getting mentoring sessions. She has been happier and wants to come to school. I would like for these sessions to continue.
Reception Parent

Pupil Voice – Handwriting

I really enjoy handwriting because it has helped me do my letters properly and my mum said my writing is getting better and that makes me very happy.
Kye – Year 1

I enjoy handwriting because it will make me better at writing stories.
Harry – Year 1

Handwriting has helped me a lot because now I am joining my ‘a’ and ‘e’s properly and its neater because my handwriting was messy before.
Amelia – Year 2

Handwriting has helped me by writing neater and I am practicing more and its looking better.
Tasia – Year 2

I enjoy handwriting because my handwriting is getting better and my teacher can see a difference in it and that makes me happy.
Alisha – Year 3

What I enjoy best about handwriting is that is has helped me write neater and I can form my letters properly. I can see a difference in my handwriting.
Dante – Year 3

Best thing that I enjoy about handwriting is that it has improved my handwriting and I can now join properly.
Abdullah – Year 4

By ding handwriting it has helped me improved my letters and I now form them better its helped me out and I have been joining up a lot more.
La-Rhetta – Year 4

What I like most about handwriting is that is helps me with forming my letters properly and I now use it in my writing in Literacy. My writing is now neater than it was before.
Aaliyah – Year 5

The best thing that I enjoy about handwriting is that is has helped me improve my writing. I can for my letters properly. My handwriting has improved and will continue to get better with practice.
Codie – Year 5

Handwriting has helped me a lot because now I am practicing all the time and it has helped me in Literacy and my mum said my writing is getting better.
Muhanad – Year 6

Handwriting has really helped me with forming my letters properly. My writing was very big before and now is smaller and neater.
Printesa – Year 6

Nurse visit in Year 5

Year 5 was visited by Maria, the nurse, today and learnt about keeping healthy in different ways. We learnt about the importance of sleep, exercise and a healthy diet. We also learnt about some things that can effect our health, such as head lice, asthma, eczema, colds and athletes foot. Maria taught us some ways to take care of ourselves when these things happen. Year 5 asked lots of thoughtful questions and learnt a lot today.

Y3 School Nurse visit

Maria our school nurse came into class this week to talk to us more about keeping our bodies healthy from our heads to our toes. Year 3 worked collaboratively to identify how we can keep our bodies healthy.

Maria told us that headaches can be caused by not drinking enough water in class so we must make sure we drink enough water to stay hydrated. Another possible reason for a headache is that we may need to visit the optician, especially if we are finding it difficult to see the board or our reading books.

Head Lice can spread very quickly in a classroom. Head Lice often called nits. Nits are the empty egg sacs that often look like dandruff in our hair. Egg sacs can look like brown dots on each strand of hair. Maria advised that each week we should check our hair. Head Lice are small wingless insects and are spread by close contact between our heads. Sign of Head Lice are if an itchy scalp which stop us learning or keep us awake, white flakes in hair or brothers or sisters with . Get an adult check by  combing  through hair with a comb and conditioner.

Coughs and colds spread germs so it is vital to catch the cough or sneeze in a tissue , throw it away and wash our hands properly.

Ask Year 3 for further details 🙂

Year 6 Jigsaw

Well done to Year 6 for another busy half term.   This half term in Jigsaw we have looked at having and maintaining  a positive self image. We began by setting goals and  looking at how we could in a positive way, achieve these.

We finished off this week by  making positive reward  certificates for  our peers.We rewarded their  attitude in positive ways, Some of the class found it hard to accept positive praise from their peers. We worked on that and as a class we decided that positive praise   and a positive image was  a good feeling

Jigsaw Dreams and Goals

This  term in Jigsaw Year 6 are looking at setting dreams and goals. We ,as a class,, discussed what  led to success and how we could set realistic goals in order to succeed. In  our circle we discussed individual successes and moments we felt proud of achieving success.

We shared the video ‘Wonder Goal’ by Michael Foreman. This is a story of a boy who wanted to become a world class footballer.  We discussed what he might need to do to achieve this.

6’s and 7’s Pupil Voice

I really enjoyed learning about feelings and talking to other people

Anas – Year 2


I liked learning about giving kind messages to people and about sharing our feelings.

Amelia – Year 2


What I enjoyed the most was sharing our feelings and giving warm messages.

Hafsa – Year 1


I enjoyed learning about giving warm messages and sharing feelings.

Harry – Year 1

Well Being Week…What We Think.

Well Being Week Pupil Voice

Mikaeel Reception – ” All the teachers keep me safe.”

Eliora Reception – ” The cameras on the building help make sure we stay safe.”

Hafsah Year 1 – “We learnt that exercising makes you feel amazing.”

Kye Year 1 – “Exercising give us more energy to do things and keeps us fit.”

Amira Year 2 – “We learnt about being kind to make people feel happy.”

Amaan Year 2 – “I learnt that when you help people you help their feelings.”

Dante Year 3 – “I learnt that deep breathing helps us stay calm.”

Olivia Year 3 – “I learnt lots of ways to keep myself healthy.”

Isaiah Year 4 – “Meditating is a way of staying calm.”

Ayah Year 4 – “I learnt that if my well being is good I am relaxed.”

Codie Year 5 – ” Fake news can be called ‘Clip Bait’ and things like Green Screen and Photo Shop are used to make it.”

Carmen Year 5 – ” Fake news is very bad and is used to spread bad things, make money and to give people the wrong information.”

Shanti Year 6 –  “You should never send inappropriate images – it can ruin your life and others.”

Erica Year 6 – ” I enjoyed learning about how much sleep I should get every night. It was really nice to find this out.”