Sporty Year 5

Over the past three weeks we have been attending King Edward Grammar School’s sports track. We had such a good time and were sad it was our last week. We have taken part in lots of different sports. We have played cricket, rounders and athletics.

We were very surprised that they had a separate area for sports that wasn’t near their school.

We asked Year 5 what they thought:

“I liked being on a post in rounds because I got people out,” Charlie



“I loved playing cricket, it’s my favourite sport!” Hamza


“Cricket was really fun, even Mr Burton had a go, but we couldn’t get him out!” Emad


“I liked athletics as we had races and I kept winning,” Sofiat



“I enjoyed playing rounders and trying to catch people out,” Poppy





Year 3 have been talking during Circle Time over the last few weeks about transition and moving to Year 4. Year 3 were able to talk and share their feelings around this sometimes difficult time of the year. A range of feelings were shared from excited and happy to anxious, worried and scared.  We discussed and decided that it is ok to have these feelings and that if we do feel this way it is important to share with a trusted adult.

Year 3 then decided to help Year 2 with their transition as they knew they would be having similar feelings. Both classes got together and Year 3 were able to answer questions from Year 2. By working in smaller groups, everyone got a chance to ask their own questions. By the end of the session everyone in Year 2 was feeling a lot happier about their move into Year 3.


This week we found out more about how to look after the chicks.  We learned that chicks are greedy so you must not feed them too much!  They need fresh water everyday.  The brooder also needs to be cleaned.  Mrs Grant showed us how to clean it then we all had a chance to stroke the chicks.  We were all very gentle, they felt so soft!

IMG_7749 IMG_7750 IMG_7753 IMG_7754

Sports day

Year 2 attended sports day today at Sutton Athletic Track. They had a fantastic day cheering on their class mates and competing in events themselves. It was great to see lots of team spirit from the children and we are proud of everyone that took part and tried their hardest!

Well done!


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Year 6 World Cultures Assembly

Year 6 performed their class assembly around World Cultures and what it meant to them. They wrote poems and represented culture through art. The children used song to represent  world harmony too.

The children dressed in some of their cultural costumes. It brought a sense of belonging and understanding of ‘World Cultures’   to the children of Year 6.








Reception’s final days with the chicks

Reception have spend their last full day with our chicks as sadly they will be taken back to the farm tomorrow. We have enjoyed watching them grow and change over the two weeks. Reception have all carefully stroked and held the chicks. We have learnt all about the life cycle of a hen and it has been great to see part of it in real life.

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Year 1 – Bad Moods

Today in PHSE children had to think about a time when they were in a bad mood and then as a whole class we discussed it. Children had to write words that describe how they feel when they’re in a bad mood.
We then discussed what their family or friends have done to make them feel better.
Children had to write down sentences about how their bad moods affect their friends and family.