Year 5 create class wormeries

This week Year 5 spent our science lessons worm charming and creating several class wormeries.

At the start of Wednesday morning the class headed outside to have a go at worm charming. For those of you who don’t know what worm charming is, it is the use of a range of techniques to attract worms out of the ground. We tried several techniques including making different sounds on the ground (the vibrations apparently make the worms head to the surface) and pouring soapy water on the ground (the soap is meant to irritate the worms skin and bring them up).

We found a worm!
We found a worm!


Using the sound technqiue
Using the sound techniques
The soapy water approach
The soapy water approach

Having collected our worms we had to now build somewhere for them to live. Each table had collected enough worms to build a wormery each, so as a class we built 5 wormeries.  To create our wormeries we had to put 3 different layers of soil type into old sweet jars and a fish-tank, before adding some carrot peels and potato skins for food.

The different layers of soil
The different layers of soil

womr to home

Transferring the worms to their new homes
Transferring the worms to their new homes


The worm in their new homes


The worms in their new homes
The worms in their new homes


We will continue to care for and check on our worms each week, as we learn more about habitats and life cycles.


Tasty Tesco Trip!

After a long walk in the cold wind and sunshine, Green class arrived at Tesco, Aston. We were met by the Community Champion Mark who showed us upstairs into the training room to begin our Farm to Fork trail.  Our morning started with a  health and safety talk and then we split into two groups to explore the store. One group headed off to the bakery and the other to the fish and cheese counters.

We learnt lots of interesting information about the food in each department and also we got to sample lots of cheeses, fruits and tiger bread. Green class found out that our fruit and vegetables comes in a rainbow of colours and  from a wide range of countries around the world, even as far away as Guatemala!

Have a look at some of the many pictures from our day. Do you think we had fun?

Mark testing our health and safety knowledge before letting us go onto the shop floor.
Excited trainees beginning their Farm to Fork trail.
Trainees having fishy fun.
Bakery trainees full of Tiger bread.
Some of us liked the smell of the fresh yeast, however most of us thought it smelt like smelly socks.
Fruit and vegetable trainees looking for the colours of the rainbow amongst the fresh produce.
Trainees checking where our food comes from. Do you know where your food comes from?
How many bakery trainees can you fit in the bread proofer?
Feeling hot, hot, hot bread.
Sampling fresh fruit. Which is your favourite fruit?
Mark sharing out the fresh fruit.
Finding out that nectarines were not as sweet as they looked.
Wow! Look at the size of these carrots. Big enough to feed even the hungriest of trainees.


Teddy Bear’s Tea Party

Our topic this term is Memory Box

We have been looking at photos of ourselves from when we were really little and all the children have been really enjoying it.

We organised a Teddy Bear’s Tea Party and the children had a great time.  We made our  own sandwiches and cupcakes for the picnic. we then joined nursery in the playground for games and then had our super picnic!






Look at our fantastic reading in year 2!

Wow! Look at reading club working really hard to improve their comprehension skills! Every morning, they come to school at 8.30am to practise their reading with Mrs Akhtar.


Year 2 have a new book corner. We love selecting new books to read and recommend to our friends. Sometimes we go into the book corner to practise our storytelling. We use use the puppets and props to help us.


In class we have been reading The Story of Pirate Tom. We have been retelling the story using actions. We have been creating our own story maps to help us to remember the sequence of the story. If you come up to one of us we will tell you the story.



Well done Zariah.




Darin is using the story map to help him retell the story.




Well done Ramesah



Retelling the story using actions.


Over the spring term, the school council have been looking at safety within the community. This lead to many discussions surrounding road safety and it was agreed that the children would apply for speed bumps along Butlin Street. After working with Trevor Billingham and contacting the local council the children have been left with no choice, but to petition for the speed bumps. Please support the school council by signing the petition, which can be found in the school office. By supporting the children on this venture you will be helping to keep the Nechells and St Clement’s community safe.


The school council have also been busy tasting the new school lunch menus. The council worked with Aspens, who provide our school meals, on deciding the dishes that would be served through out the summer term.






Number Bonds Fun!

This week in maths, we have been learning to find different ways of making 10. We explored making 10 by using pegs, numicon, paper chains and the Queen’s gems. We have had so much fun!

In order to help us remember our number bonds to 10, we have learnt a song. Here are the words, if you want to learn it with us:

0 and 10, 0 and 10, 10 and 0, 10 and 0. Put them altogether, put them altogether. It makes 10, it makes 10.

1 and 9, 1 and 9, 9 and 1, 9 and 1. Put them altogether, put them altogether. It makes 10, it makes 10.

2 and 8, 2 and 8, 8 and 2, 8 and 2. Put them altogether, put them altogether. It makes 10, it makes 10.

3 and 7, 3 and 7, 7 and 3, 7 and 3. Put them altogether, put them altogether. It makes 10, it makes 10.

4 and 6, 4 and 6, 6 and 4, 6 and 4. Put them altogether, put them altogether. It makes 10, it makes 10.

5 and 5, 5 and 5, 5 and 5, 5 and 5. Put them altogether, put them altogether. It makes 10, it makes 10.

Take a look at us singing the song below!

My Movie- number bonds song3

We can make 10 using the numicon!
We can make 10 using the numicon!
Making our number bond chains! “2 add 8 makes 10”
“I’m making 1 and 9”
We are hard at work making our number bonds chains!

IMG_9420  IMG_9422

Year 6 – World War Two themed trip to Coventry Museum

On Tuesday, Year 6 went on a trip to the Coventry Museum. When we arrived at our location, we entered the museum which was filled with amazing facts about World War Two. We saw actual artefacts which were used during Word War Two and luckily a selection of our class members were given the opportunity to try some of the uniforms on and use some of the equipments. We were also fortunate enough to visit a air raid shelter which was located in the museum, which was used during the Blitz in World War Two. The children found this experience especially exciting as it helped them to understand what some of the children during WWII went through.

In addition to this, Year 6 were given the opportunity to explore transport which was used during WWII and recieved a talk by one of the museum staff on the evacuee experience of children during World War Two. Some children were given the opportunity to dress up in actual World War Two clothes and wore additional accessories which an evacuee would have used during this period (for example gas masks, name tags, etc).

Overall the children thoroughly enjoyed their visit and here are some pictures that captured their experience.

























We’re preparing to go on a Bear Hunt!

This week we have completed our Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration display. We have been outside flying the kites we made last week . Everyone has been working hard to put the finishing touches to our role play cave and have fallen in love with the story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt By Michael Rosen. We have started our activities that support the story. We have  discussed  and drawn pictures of our favourite part of the story . We are also making bear masks from paper plates. The grass seeds that we sowed on 15th April are becoming the talk of the school, We almost have the long wavy grass mentioned in the story. We have done lots of counting and shape spotting around school. Another busy week in Nursery!SDC15908


Year One Celebration of the Queen’s birthday

On Thursday 21st April the whole school celebrated the Queen’s 90th Birthday. We all wore red, white and blue. We carefully made kites and enjoyed colouring in flags and bunting. We looked at the Queens reign in 1980’s, we loved looking at and described toys from that decade.



We drew pictures of the Queen from 1980’s and drew pictures of Princess Diana at her wedding in 1981.




We enjoyed making cheese and jam sandwiches with Mrs Ali.




We had lots of fun eating our food outside for the street party.




We even had time to do circus skills with Stu.