Spring Walk

Year 1 have been on a Spring walk and noticed lots of signs of Spring and Easter. We have noticed the beautiful spring flowers growing and the weather changing brightening up our lives.  We talked about the changes in colours we see when it changes into the season Spring.  After our walk we were able to sort signs of Spring and Easter pictures and discuss why it is associated with the season.

We love Spring!



PCSO visits to Year 3

Our local PCSOs Robbie and Louise have been in class over the last two weeks to talk about the importance of safety. Year 3 were very enthusiastic in their discussions with Robbie about staying safe both online and in the community. He talked about the importance of crossing the road safely and reminded Year 3 of what to do if lost in a public place. Year 3 discovered that not all strangers are good strangers and that if lost they should speak to a police officer or PCSO.

When Louise visited, she talked further about staying safe online. She reminded Year 3 that lots of games, apps and websites have age restrictions for a good reasons – not all content is age appropriate and so to be careful about what they are looking at online.

Well done to the children of Year 3 for being official photographers too!


Year 6 Jigsaw

Well done to Year 6 for another busy half term.   This half term in Jigsaw we have looked at having and maintaining  a positive self image. We began by setting goals and  looking at how we could in a positive way, achieve these.

We finished off this week by  making positive reward  certificates for  our peers.We rewarded their  attitude in positive ways, Some of the class found it hard to accept positive praise from their peers. We worked on that and as a class we decided that positive praise   and a positive image was  a good feeling

Superheroes in Year 1

In Year 1, we ended our amazing Superhero topic with a Superhero afternoon. We all came dressed as Superheroes and completed lots of activities to become the best Superhero we could be! We made masks, design capes and we even made our superhero friend ‘Supertato.’

Take a look at all the fun we had!


Creative week in Y3

The focus for Creative Werk has been the book Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks. This beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of Dog, Magpie and Fox. Year identified the themes of friendship, jealousy and betrayal after reading and discussing.

Year 3 used the character of Fox as their inspiration fora range of art work over the week. From detailed pencil sketches, exploration of Pop Art and also tile printing.

As you can see the results are stunning.

Reception’s Creativity Week

This week we have read the story ‘Owl Babies’. We learnt about owls and what they get up to. We learnt a song with actions. We had to flap our wings and dance around, hop, open our eyes big and wide, and turn our heads and say “hoot hoot!”. We also created our own owl masks for our dance.