Week beginning 26th September

It’s been another busy week in Nursery!

The children have been lucky enough to have some new toys to play with.  The garage and the dolls house have been popular.



On Monday the children discovered that the play dough had gone sticky so Mrs Ali helped them to make some more.  The found out lots about mixing, textures and temperature.


Some of the children are becoming very independent.  We have all learned a clever way to put on our coats and these boys remembered to put on wellies when splashing in the water!


I wonder what next week will bring?



This half term Y3 are focusing on the key question ‘Would celebrating Diwali at home and in the community bring a sense of belonging to a Hindu child?‘ As a class we have discussed our own ideas and views about what belonging is and this week have continued our learning with finding out what is the story behind Diwali.

After hearing all about Rama, Sita, Hanuman and Ravana’s adventures, Green class worked with a partner to create a story map.Then they used the map to help them keep track of the key events and characters whilst using their puppets to perform and share their understanding of the story.DSC02329 DSC02330 DSC02331 DSC02332

Ask Green class to tell you the story.



Year 6 PSHE

This week, in PSHE, we looked at the service provided by ‘999’. We were able to identify what the services is made up of, discuss why it is valuable and share our ideas on why the service should be respected.

SDC10485 SDC10487 SDC10486 SDC10483 SDC10484 SDC10468 SDC10460 SDC10459 SDC10461 SDC10458 SDC10457 SDC10456

We discussed the meaning of a ‘hoax call’ and the impact this could have on others. As a group, we were able to create mind maps to show what we knew at the start of the lesson and what we knew at the end.


SDC10467 SDC10469 SDC10466 SDC10465 SDC10463 SDC10464We now know in an emergency we phone ‘999’ and if we want to speak to the police for advice, or to report a crime we call ‘101’.





SDC10480 SDC10478 SDC10488

Next week, we will begin to look at the importance of tolerance and respect within a community.


Miss Akers

Year 5 PSHE

This week, in PSHE, we discussed the difference between crime, unacceptable behaviour and anti-social behaviour. We were able to talk in groups, sort different situations into the three categories and identify the difference between legal and illegal behaviour.


We now know that a crime is when a law has been broken, anti-social behaviour is acting in a manor that causes harassment, alarm or distress to others and unacceptable behaviour is when we do something that is not nice, or not allowed.

SDC10471 SDC10472 SDC10473 SDC10475

Next week, we will begin to look at the meaning of community.

Miss Akers



This week year 6 have been thinking about their history and what makes them unique. This weeks theme in writing has been autobiography, we have looked at the features and have read some. We talked about what has happened in our past and they presented their autobiography orally to a small group. Today they will be writing their autobiography, keep your eyes peeled for some examples of their writing coming soon!









Year 4 class trip to the synagogue

Year 4 visited Singers Hill Synagogue as part of our exciting work in Judaism. During our visit we were able to look around the beautiful synagogue to learn more about Jewish history and traditions. When we entered the synagogue we identified Jewish symbols and artifact and learnt more about how they are used in the Jewish faith. We wore kippahs, which are traditionally worn by Jewish boys during prayer. We were able to see inside the ark and look at the special Torah scrolls.









DSC02262 DSC02264
















Year 4 Science

Year 4 have been learning about their new science topic states of matter. We worked in groups to classify materials into solids, liquids and gases.  We shared our work with the class and justified our reasons for our choices. We learnt more about the properties of the three materials.





The Gruffalo

This week in Year 1 we started our learning based around the Gruffalo. We have been busy making models of the Gruffalo and making our very own stick puppets of the characters. We have used a range of resources, skills and our imaginations to create our puppets. The children then decided to use them to re-tell the story in the forest small world.


We have also been learning to re-tell the story of the Gruffalo off by heart. In order to help us learn the story we have created story maps and as a class come up with actions.

IMG_0685 IMG_0542 IMG_0559 IMG_0546  IMG_0556

Year 4 PSHE

During PSHE this week, we looked at how Police Officers report crimes and the information they need to know. We used drama to showcase our work and completed police reports for the crimes we acted out.

SDC10431 SDC10432 SDC10435 SDC10436 SDC10437 SDC10438 SDC10439 SDC10446 SDC10447 SDC10448







We were able to work together in small groups to plan our drama and enjoyed presenting our work to the rest of the class.

SDC10442 SDC10441 SDC10440

SDC10444 SDC10443

Miss Akers

Year 3 PSHE


Today, we welcomed two special visitors to the school, who helped us with our lesson on, ‘The Emergency Services’. We discussed the importance of the, 999, service and how it should be respected. In table groups, we talked about when we might call 999 and the information we would need to know to share with the operator. The two officers also helped us understand the purpose of the number, 101, and when we might need to use this. The lesson was great fun and a fabulous opportunity to ask lots of questions.

SDC10410 SDC10411 SDC10412 SDC10413 SDC10414 SDC10416 SDC10417 SDC10418 SDC10419 SDC10420 SDC10424 SDC10427 SDC10428 SDC10429

Miss Akers