Researching Hindu beliefs in Year 5

This week year 5 have been using research skills to deepen our understanding of Hindu beliefs. We learn about beliefs about Dharma, Karma, reincarnation and Moksha. We then had time to find out more in books and on websites. We worked collaboratively to make sense of these ideas. Then we used these ideas to create a code that Hindu children might follow.


Rainbow Fish

This week we have been reading the story ‘Rainbow Fish’ in Reception. We have spoken about the character’s feeling and our own behaviours. We have discussed how to be a good friend and what good behaviour is. We also talked about how we can share things like the rainbow fish shared his scales. The children wrote down their ideas on a scale which they then decorated.


This week we have been looking at instruction texts in year 2. We found out that if we need to know how to make or do something, we need to read instructions to tell us what to do. We wanted to make our very own pirate cutlasses so we needed to read some instructions to help us. First we had to put back together some instructions that had been cut up. This helped us to understand each of the sections in an instruction text. Then we followed the instructions to make our own swords. We are looking forward to be able to use them on our upcoming pirate day!

Frozen treasure!

Year 2 came back from lunch to find that all of Pirate Pete’s treasure had been frozen! They were given then task of finding out how they could melt the ice quickly to give the treasure back to Pirate Pete. We had lots of liquids to choose from including vinegar, salt water and hot water. We then chose from a selection of tools to administer the liquids including paintbrushes, pipettes and our own hands.

We made sensible predictions about which material and tool would melt the ice the quickest. We found that hot water and a paintbrush got us to the gleaming booty the quickest!

Girls Football Success!

On Friday 25th January the girls football team continued their league campaign with an excellent 2-0 victory over league leaders Marsh Hill. The girls also got to meet the captain of the Ladies from the Aston Villa Football Club who gave the team some tickets to go and watch the team play at Villa Park for their fantastic performance. Keep up the good work girls!

Reception’s Tea Party!

After reading, watching and doing lots of work around ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ we thought we would do our own tea party.
During the week the children made cupcakes using balance scales and decorated them with icing and chocolate chips. We came to the tea party as different animals and we even had a special guest!

Art in Year 5

In year 5, the children have been exploring about the Tudors. During Art, we have been looking at the importance of Tudor Roses and what a Tudor rose looks like.

This week, we have sketched and coloured our very own Tudor roses, the children have focused on sketching very carefully and adding detail to their rose.

Take a look at our Tudor roses!


Year 4- 2D shape

Year 4 have been learning about 2D shape and investigating the lines of symmetry using a range of regular and irregular shapes. After identifying the lines of symmetry with their partner the children used their new knowledge to think of criteria to sort their shapes accurately. Once they had thought of their criteria they sorted the shapes into a Carroll diagram, or a Venn diagram and explained to their peers why they had placed each shape.


Judaism in Year 1

In R.E, Year 1 have been exploring Judaism. We have been looking at different festivals that Jews celebrate and the reasons why they celebrate these festivals. We learnt all about the Maccabees defeating the King of Israel in the story of Hanukkah. We were amazed how the Menorah stayed a light for 8 whole days!

We made our own Menorah’s. We knew that we needed 9 candle sticks and we added the Star of David and other special details.

Take  a look at our Menorah’s!