Big Read in Year 3

Big Read this week was a chance for everyone in Year 3 to read together. By pairing up, everyone had a chance to read to a friend and discuss the content of our class reader. These books have been borrowed from the library. It was great to all be able to have the same book and work collaboratively to understand it.

Year 4 – Science Sound

On Wednesday afternoon, Year 4 investigated how sound travels using a string telephone. We discuss how the sound would travel along the string and made our scientific predictions. We investigated what happened to the sound if the string was taut and not taut.

We discovered that when the string was taut we could hear our partners much louder and clearer, but when the string was not taut we couldn’t hear what they were saying.


Counting in Year One.

In Year One we have been learning the language of greater than and less than.  We have been counting amounts and labelling them with less or more.  We have been learning the symbols that represent greater than and less than and also been discussing what the equals sign actually means.  We sang the song ‘The equal sign is a balance’ which has really helped the children to understand this concept. We also used balance scales to show this.  Ask your child to sing you the song at home!





The Gingerbread Man

This week in Nursery we have been reading the story of The Gingerbread Man.

The children have been really good at joining in with the repeating phrases.  They have enjoyed using the stick puppets to act out the story.  We also changed the story by adding new characters, the children  had lots of super ideas, at one point we even had a seahorse swimming after the gingerbread man!

Forest School week beginning 24th September

This week the sun was shining 🙂

Some of the children finished their wood cookies, we wrote one of the Fruit of the Spirit on each one and then made a hole with the palm drill, threaded wool through the hole and hung them in the willow dome.

We also made a rope swing and had great fun using it.  I was impressed with the way the children took turns.

There was also more mini den building going on.

Year 5 Maths games to practice place value and addition

Year 5 have been learning about place value, including decimals and rounding. This week, we have started to look at columnar addition and using this skill to solve problems.

Here are some games to help you practice these skills at home:

Rounding game:

Bar model prractice:

If you would like to revisit and practice your place value knowledge, try these sites:

Place value to 1,000:

Place value with decimals:

Learning about forces and air resistance in Year 5

As part of Year 5’s learning about forces and air resistance, we are designing a fair test to find out what makes the best parachute. First, we learnt about how gravity and air resistance interact and used this to form scientific questions. Then we drew on our knowledge about gravity, mass and surface areas to help us make hypotheses about which parachute would work best. We worked in groups to carry out our scientific method, thinking carefully about constants and variables. Now we are ready to test and make observations about the parachutes that we made.

Personification in poetry Year6

This week in   year  6  we have been looking at personification. We decided to personify the candles . We looked at the movement of the flame and tried to link this to figurative language. We used candles to see the reality of the movement.

We thought hard about the vocabulary we could use that best fitted with the movement of the flame. Pirouetting, swaying, dancing  twisting and turning.

Count on Year 2.

Year 2 have got stuck into their lessons this week and have shown real enthusiasm and a fantastic attitude to learning.

In Maths we are using real objects to help us to understand numbers and how the number system works. We can already count in steps of different numbers, partition big numbers and use fantastic maths vocabulary. Keep it up!