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Thinking about the special people who look after us!

In year 2 we have been busy preparing for Mother’s Day. We have been learning lots of songs, in preparation for the Mothers’s Day assembly, thanking our mum’s for all the wonderful ways they help us. We made some beautiful cards by sketching Spring daffodils and carefully colouring them in using watercolours. As a class we discussed ways that we could thank people who look after us and thought of simple gestures as ways to show our appreciation.

UNICEF Assembly


Article 24 
Every child has the right to the best
possible health. Governments must
provide good quality health care, clean
water, nutritious food, and a clean
environment and education on health
and well-being so that children can stay
healthy. Richer countries must help poorer
countries achieve this.

Article 29 
Education must develop every child’s
personality, talents and abilities to the
full. It must encourage the child’s respect
for human rights, as well as respect
for their parents, their own and other
cultures, and the environment.

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Harvest Assembly

Thank you to everyone that donated to our Harvest collection.  We got a good selection of items and look forward to dropping it all off at the Aston & Nechells Foodbank.

This afternoon we celebrated Harvest in assembly and assembly started with an explanation about what Harvest is and when it is celebrated.

We were then treated to a short performance from the school councillors telling a story about a man who couldn’t grow crops because of an ogre sending a hot sun and lots of rain to the chant of….

“Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, extreme weather here I come”

Everyone seemed to enjoy the assembly and singing along to the song, putting their hands up to answer questions and contributing when asked.

All the best for the weekend and Thank You all again for your generous donations.

School Council, Miss McLeod and Mrs Bi