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Year 5 trip to Library of Birmimgham!

As part of our topic of the seven wonders of the world , Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the Library of Birmingham and carry out research using non-fiction books. The children were all able to research and find out about atleast 3 wonders of the world. Year 5 had found out lots of new facts about what makes a wonder. 

Science – Year 5

This week in science the children looked at different insects and their body parts. They had the opportunity to explore the body parts and identify the similarities and differences between the different insects. Take a look at some of the amazing diagrams the children have put together of their chosen insect.

Year 5

This half term our topic focus is Rainforests. This week in writing,  we have been doing poetry around what we might find in the rainforest. Over the week, Year 5 had prepared unique poems based on what they have found out about the different plants and animals that belong to the rainforest.


Year 5 Art

In Art this week year 5 have explored the artwork of Henri Rousseau and used his style to create some of their own pieces of artwork. They have carefully planned the background as well as sketched animals which camouflage in the Amazon Rainforest.

Can you spot the concealed animals?

Art in Year 5

In year 5, the children have been exploring about the Tudors. During Art, we have been looking at the importance of Tudor Roses and what a Tudor rose looks like.

This week, we have sketched and coloured our very own Tudor roses, the children have focused on sketching very carefully and adding detail to their rose.

Take a look at our Tudor roses!


Year 5: Science investigation

This week year 5 have been exploring how shadows are formed. We worked collaboratively to carry out our class investigation of making shadows using a torch, a object and white card. At the end of the exciting lesson the children had found out that the further the object is from the light source the longer the shadow is.

We had lots of fun!

Year 3 – Trip to BMAG

This week has been a exciting week for year 3, on Monday, Y3 caught the train into the city centre to visit Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to learn more about our topic ‘Gods and Mortals’. This topic is based around the Ancient Greeks and Y3 will be finding out more across this half term.

At the museum we explored the Ancient Greek gallery, sketched and designed an amphora pot with a geometric design. This design was created by looking at the different pots and recreating it by sketching and adding the fine detail. Also in the gallery we carried out a treasure hunt, where we found the Ancient Greek equivalents of everyday objects, e.g. a jug or mug. Year 3 also found out more about each of the different gods and designed an offering for them.

Finally we worked with Anna, the museum lady and handled different artefacts looking at what they were and what they are used for. This was exciting for year 3 because they were given the opportunity to create a condition report explaining what the condition of each artefact is like. They were also given the opportunity to clean some of the artifacts using a cotton bud and working collaboratively to get it cleaned.
Ask Y3 to tell you more about our visit 🙂