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Year 6 post SATs

I am writing to congratulate you on your success at completing your KS2 assessments. Over the past few months you have worked so hard to cover key areas of the curriculum, such as:

– distinguishing which sentence are written in the passive and active voice

– calculating the unknown angles of a triangle

– identifying relative clauses

– thinking about author’s perspective

– calculating the value of x

I am immensely proud of how much effort you have put in, your will/determination to succeed and the support you have shown to your peers. Bearing this in mind, for homework this week and next, I would like you to complete as many of these activities as possible:– 

– Read a book

– Watch your favourite TV programme

– Smile

– Eat Haribo or ice-cream

– Laugh until your tummy hurts

– Go outside and enjoy the weather

– Go for a swim or walk

– Spend time on your favourite hobby

– Rest

– Cook or make something

– Have more Haribo or ice-cream

– Play in your garden

– Spend some quality time with your family

– Do something you have never done before!

Well done to each and every one of you and enjoy the weekend! I


End of Spring term

Year 6 have had yet another successful term in the lead up to SATs. They finished their Salvation unit in RE by making and thinking about how they could  use salvation in their Easter card designs. The class designed stained glass crosses with the biblical reference ‘ I am the reserrurection and the life’ John 11 : 25-26




SATs are looming

In Year 6 this week we have been using our knowledge to solve a selection of typical word problems involving decimals, fractions and percentages.

The children have study books to help them and find these really useful.  They have been using their skills to relate decimals to fractions and percentages.

R.E Year 6

This week during RE year 6 were looking at why Jesus was condemned to death.The children read John 19, the lead up to Jesus’ death and as a class discussed his betrayal by Judas,  the trial before Pilate and   the crucifixion.

The children wrote letters to Caesar asking  him to set Jesus free. 

Y6 visit to the Art Gallery

On Tuesday, Year 6 visited the Art Gallery as part of their topic ‘Gallery Rebels ‘ The children explored the galleries and observed and discussed various paintings. The children were very keen to look at the paintings  from the 16th and 17th  century. They particularly enjoyed the religious paintings from this era. They spent the afternoon sketching their favourite paintings and sculptures.



This half term we are looking at the topic ‘Gallery Rebels’ and finding out about artists and different movements in art. We will be looking at Surrealism  and linking this into our literacy through narrative and poetry.

We started  the topic by turning our book corner into an art gallery. Over half term ,children made sculptures from foil to be hung or displayed in the gallery.

Year 6 Jigsaw

Well done to Year 6 for another busy half term.   This half term in Jigsaw we have looked at having and maintaining  a positive self image. We began by setting goals and  looking at how we could in a positive way, achieve these.

We finished off this week by  making positive reward  certificates for  our peers.We rewarded their  attitude in positive ways, Some of the class found it hard to accept positive praise from their peers. We worked on that and as a class we decided that positive praise   and a positive image was  a good feeling