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SATs is looming

Mrs Harris’ handy tips

Over the weekend the children should relax and not feel stressed. They should eat chocolate,watch their favourite  movie and get some fresh air, They have worked extremely hard and need to feel confident next week.

The timetable for SATs is as follows: Monday, Spelling Grammar and Punctuation and spelling test, Tuesday Reading test, Wednesday Arithmetic paper and Mathematics Reasoning paper 2 and Thursday Mathematics Reasoning paper 3.

Good luck-you’ve got this Year 6

Y6 Creative week

During creative week ,Year 6 looked at the book Charlotte’s Webb BY E.B White.This is a fun story about a spider who spins  messages into webs to help the pig Wilbur.
The children were intrigued by the way in which the messages were spun into the webs. This inspired them to try some nail art. They had to design,put an image onto wood,hammer nails and then create the design using wool.

Don’t you agree the results were amazing?

End of Autumn 1

Year 6 have had a successful half term and have enjoyed new  learning .

The  children took part in maths  week, were writing narratives about mechanical animals   and even  performed poetry.  Science was enjoyable too as they got to make parallel circuits and create a light celebration.

The children are eagerly awaiting their  letters from their International school in India.