Year 3: How do muscles work?

Year 3 have been busy in their science lesson this week in working collaboratively to make models to  identify that humans and some other animals have muscles for movement by examining how muscles work. With a partner , they have made models to explain how muscles allow movement.

Year 3 looked closely at their upper arm as they curled their arms towards their chest from their side and notices the muscle bulges! As the arm is raised the biceps (on the front of the arm) contracts, at the same time a muscle on the back of the arm, the triceps, relaxes! The muscles work together to control the lifting arm. As the arm is lowered the opposite happens, the biceps relax and the triceps contract.

Year 3 have found out that our bodies has over 650 muscles and many different types of joints to allow our bodies to move in different ways.

Also, ligaments and tendons at the ends of the muscles hold the bones together at the joints, while cartilage between the bones stops them from rubbing against each other.

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