Everyday Materials

In Science, Year 1 have been exploring everyday materials. We know that lots of the things we use everyday are made of plastic, glass, wood, metal and rock. We went on a hunt around our classroom and outside area. We found lots of objects that are made from these items. We found out that some of these objects were made of more than one of these materials.

Take a look at what we have found!

Forest School

It was great to be back out in the Forest School area with the KS2 group.  Despite it being a few weeks since our last session the children had remembered the rules and routines.

We played a few hide and seek type games to make sure we kept moving in the cold weather.

The children made their own choices for part of the session.  It was great to see lots of team work and children being very focused on what they wanted to achieve.  Some children decided to work alone but were just as determined to be able to complete what they had set out to do.

This den became the perfect place to sit and read a book 🙂

These children had a clear goal and with two others communicated well and worked as a team to achieve it.

Some children worked with me to use the bow saw to cut branches.  This is a good mindfulness activity as the only thing you can think about is what is happening there and then 🙂  The children need to listen carefully and follow instructions.  They also enjoy that there is an element of risk involved and feel a sense of achievement when they have cut through the branch.


This week in Nursery we have been reading Aliens love Underpants.

The children have really enjoyed the story, there have been lots of giggles when listening to what the cheeky aliens get up to.

The book is full of rhyming words and some children are starting to spot them.

The children have created colourful pairs of pants which we are going to put up on display soon so come and have a look.

Our family project this half term is for the children to make their own aliens.  They can be made from any resources.  They could be made from old cardboard boxes, playdough, scraps of fabric or anything else you can think of.  We are looking forward to seeing them in school in a few weeks time.

Superheroes in Year 1!

Superheroes are everywhere in Year 1! Year 1 have been working extremely hard in their first week of Spring Term. We have written superhero poems and created our very own superheroes. They are now flying around our classroom! We have been exploring materials in Science and finding out about transport from the past in History. We have worked really hard and look forward to learning more in our Superhero topic!

Jigsaw Dreams and Goals

This  term in Jigsaw Year 6 are looking at setting dreams and goals. We ,as a class,, discussed what  led to success and how we could set realistic goals in order to succeed. In  our circle we discussed individual successes and moments we felt proud of achieving success.

We shared the video ‘Wonder Goal’ by Michael Foreman. This is a story of a boy who wanted to become a world class footballer.  We discussed what he might need to do to achieve this.

Reading for Pleasure in Year 3

One of the favourite times of each week is when Year 3 have the opportunity to read for pleasure. This involves choosing just the right spot to curl up with a book of their choice. This can be fiction, non – fiction or poetry. Everything from chapter books, picture books, comics, and anything else.

As you can see Year 3  also enjoy a range of spaces from under a table, to sitting on the spinning chairs to lying on a blanket. I wonder where else Year 3 will find to enjoy reading? Maybe our new class reading cave?

Stone Age Boy in Year 3

Welcome back to Year 3! It has been a busy and productive start to the new term with lots of work around our new story Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura.

This text is the focus for our writing over the next few weeks where Year 3 will be writing their own portal tale – a story where the main character starts in an ordinary setting and ends up somewhere else with a problem to solve before they can return.

Stone Age Boy also supports our topic learning which is based around the Stone Age. |Year 3 have participated in role play, hot seating and freeze frames to help understand the events of the story. See if you can guess the emotions portrayed by some of our freeze frames where everyone was working in role.

Year 3 Family learning project


Our next topic is called Tribal Tales and is based around life in the Stone Age. For this family project we would like to  design and construct a  settlement. A settlement is a place where a community lives.

Have a look at some of these web pages  to get more of an idea about life in the Stone Age and Bronze Age.




The Bronze Age is a time period when bronze replaced stone as the preferred material for making tools and weapons. This led to improvements in agriculture and brought with it changes in the way people live.

See the letter that came home for further information and possible ideas.


Year 3 visit St Martin in the Bullring Church

What a busy final week Year 3 have had to this term with a visit to St Martin in the Bullring church. After a walk to the train station,  a short train ride into the city centre and then another walk through the Bullring  we arrived! Christina the Famillies’ Missioner met us and showed us round the church.

Year 3 were astounded to hear the church was built in 1873 and is an example of gothic Victorian architecture, designed by Alfred Chatwin, from Birmingham, who also worked on the Houses of Parliament. But St Martin’s is much older than that. There has been a church on this site since  the year 1290!


Christina showed Year 3 the baptism font and told us more about how the ceremony is performed. Year 3 were able to share some of their RE learning with Christina. Although St Martin is a place or worship , it also holds a lot of history , from the original St Martin to events in the second world war.  There are many stained glass windows sharing stories from the Bible, from both the past and modern day . As we are fast approaching the Christian festival of Christmas, Year 3 were able to locate an Advent Crown, a Christmas tree with a bright star on the top and also a nearly life size Nativity scene where the manger lay empty, waiting for the baby Jesus.

Two members of Year 3 were invited to tie a purple ribbon onto the Advent tree and to also light a candle in the prayer chapel.

Who Was St Martin?
St Martin was a soldier. He was born in Hungary in 316 and never wanted to join the army but was obliged to by law. At the age of 18, he was posted to Amiens in France. One bitterly cold winter’s night he was riding through the city when he saw a half-naked beggar huddled against a wall. Martin was so moved by the sight that he cut his cloak with his sword and gave one half to the beggar.

That night he had a dream in which Christ appeared to him as the beggar and thanked Martin for clothing him. In response, the young soldier got baptised. Later he was to leave the army to become a soldier of Christ, eventually becoming Bishop of Tours in France. St Martin is remembered today for his service to the poor.

A huge thanks to Christina for her time and patience in giving Year 3 a tour and also answering many questions.



Stop motion videos in Year 5

Year 5 have created stop motion videos using apps in the iPads. We first made story boards to plan the movements of the subject (the astronaut and space probe) across the landscapes that we had created. We took pictures, moving the subject a little bit at a time. Have a look at the videos that we created! We’re feeling very proud of our learning about Space!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10