Year 3 Family learning project


Our next topic is called Tribal Tales and is based around life in the Stone Age. For this family project we would like to  design and construct a  settlement. A settlement is a place where a community lives.

Have a look at some of these web pages  to get more of an idea about life in the Stone Age and Bronze Age.

The Bronze Age is a time period when bronze replaced stone as the preferred material for making tools and weapons. This led to improvements in agriculture and brought with it changes in the way people live.

See the letter that came home for further information and possible ideas.


Creativity Week meets Hamlet

This week it has been Creativity Week at St. Clement’s. Y2 and Y3 have been working together over the week to aid smooth transition. All of our learning this week has been themed around Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Hamlet tells the story of what happens after a ghostly figure of his father appears before Prince Hamlet and tells him some dreadful truths. What will Hamlet do next? Ask Y3 or Y2 to share a summary of the main events of the story.

Have a look at this short animation 🙂


The week started with Y3 and Y2 ‘buddying up’ and after lots of discussion about Hamlet and castles. Each pair worked collaboratively to design a castle.

After reviewing the designs each pair then worked with clay to create a 3D model of their castle design.

Film Festival 2016

This week Green class have participated in the Into Film Festival. This is a free, nationwide celebration of film and education for 5-19 year olds.


After a brisk walk downhill to Aston train station, a quick train ride into Birmingham New Street station and a few more steps around the corner, Green class arrived at the Electric Cinema ready to watch The Little Mermaid.

The Electric Cinema is the oldest working cinema in the U.K. and showed its first silent film in December 1909. Have a look inside this magnificent space and go upstairs to screen 2. This is where Green class sat in comfort on large sofas and cosy reclining seats.


The Little Mermaid story,especially the setting has given Year 3 lots of wonderful ideas for their narrative writing.


Year 6 – Creativity Week

This week in Year 6, we completed research on Brazil and created leaflets to encourage tourists to visit Brazil. We worked our hardest to produce this work and we learned a lot of facts from our research.

As well as learning facts and preparing leaflets, we created bracelets and flags using Brazilian colors to use during the carnival parade. There fun bright colours helped protray happiness.

We were also taught some choreography which we performed in-front of the whole school. It was a thrilling time for us to experience and we think it was a great enjoyment for the children who were watching. Year 6 tried their hardest and showed their maturity and hard work throughout the show.

Along with the Brazilian dancing we created our own Samba band and Samba songs which was fun to experience their cultures singing and made a loud but fun atmosphere.

Overall we had great and everyone enjoyed themselves and the activities.

Written by, Sofia Sheckler and Bailey Wilson


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Counting, numbers and teddy bears.

It’s maths week! It was great to welcome parents into school to join in with our activities on Tuesday morning. Thanks  to everyone who was able to come. This week  we have continued to  work around aspects of the story We’re going on a bear hunt .  Everyone joined in with a number hunt in our outdoor area . We sequenced the sections of the  story by  matching and painting by numbers. We also carried out an investigation into finding out our favourite part of the book. We have done lots of counting and sorting. We ordered teddy bears from smallest to largest. In addition to this we have completed our clay pieces in the style of Barbara Hepworth., which the children have really enjoyed doing. This  links into the cave and sea scape featured in the story. Barbara Hepworth was a famous artist and sculptor who was born in Wakefield in 1903 and died in St Ives in 1975.