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Science Y6 Classification Systems

During this half term Year 6 will be looking at Classification and how all living things are  grouped according to certain  characteristics.

The children looked at the works of Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish scientist, who begun to classify living things. He grouped them into  main kingdoms  and split them into smaller groups. 

Jigsaw Dreams and Goals

This  term in Jigsaw Year 6 are looking at setting dreams and goals. We ,as a class,, discussed what  led to success and how we could set realistic goals in order to succeed. In  our circle we discussed individual successes and moments we felt proud of achieving success.

We shared the video ‘Wonder Goal’ by Michael Foreman. This is a story of a boy who wanted to become a world class footballer.  We discussed what he might need to do to achieve this.

Well being Year 6

This  week in Year 6 we have been looking at Sexting and how quickly inappropriate images can be spread. We played the ‘BLUE STRING GAME’ which highlighted this. We used a Venn diagram to sort scenarios  into categories: emotional ,social and legal.

We also looked at ways to keep a healthy lifestyle and manage stress levels. This is something we hope to maintain in the lead up to SATs.

Black Country Museum

Today  we visited the BCLM, although it was very cold it was an enjoyable day. We followed the trail of two Victorian children and compared each others lives.  The children found out how coal was  mined and how it was brought to the surface for distribution. They found out how a Toll worked also,  that large families at times were housed together in a tiny house.

Victorian Parlour

Year 6 have turned their reading corner into a Victorian Parlour.  On a Friday we have reading for pleasure and some  children choose to read in the Parlour.

This is an opportunity for children to share books,discuss their likes and dislikes about the book .

Lyla said ” I like that we can choose books and read wherever we like and talk with our friends about the book” The children enjoy this fun way of reading for pleasure.

Year 6 Anti Bullying week: Verbal,Visual, Racism and Homophobia

This week we have been looking at the different types of bullying that can occur. We have also looked at  bullying  that happened during Victorian times.

The children were shocked to find out that children, in Victorian times, were made to face the wall and wear a ‘dunces’ just because they were slow learners or unable to keep up with their peers. This was seen as a form of verbal bullying.

Adheer could not believe that children could be humiliated in this way. He was also shocked to find out that children were physically bullied and made to do jobs they didn’t want to do.

We also looked at Homophobia and through discussion children understood that it was another form of bullying and unacceptable.

We  discussed that people have used graffiti and signs as a form of visual bullying through the years and this has also been seen as being  unacceptable.

Erica made reference to this by pointing out  the signs which were used by the Nazis during World War II.

The children now have a better understanding of bullying and that it can occur in different forms

Maths Week

This week in year 6 we were looking at using measures in the work place .We looked at how a hairdresser uses ratio when preparing hair colour.  The children made hair colour using given ratio, costed hair treatments from given facts and converted measures. The parent workshop was fun with parents working with ratio.

Final electrical circuits

At last the Arctic animals and lighthouses are complete.The children thought hard about their end designs. If they were not  able  to light it up then they had to problem solve and find the break in the circuit. The  children were able to follow  their design brief and select appropriate electrical materials to complete their circuit.

Year 6 International links

Year 6  have now made  International  links with a school in India.

We have send letters to the school via post and eagerly await their replies. For our display we researched  India,made fact files, found about daily life in India through watching  video clips. In art  we made Mehndi  patterns for both boys and girls.