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Year 3 visit St Martin in the Bullring Church

What a busy final week Year 3 have had to this term with a visit to St Martin in the Bullring church. After a walk to the train station,  a short train ride into the city centre and then another walk through the Bullring  we arrived! Christina the Famillies’ Missioner met us and showed us round the church.

Year 3 were astounded to hear the church was built in 1873 and is an example of gothic Victorian architecture, designed by Alfred Chatwin, from Birmingham, who also worked on the Houses of Parliament. But St Martin’s is much older than that. There has been a church on this site since  the year 1290!


Christina showed Year 3 the baptism font and told us more about how the ceremony is performed. Year 3 were able to share some of their RE learning with Christina. Although St Martin is a place or worship , it also holds a lot of history , from the original St Martin to events in the second world war.  There are many stained glass windows sharing stories from the Bible, from both the past and modern day . As we are fast approaching the Christian festival of Christmas, Year 3 were able to locate an Advent Crown, a Christmas tree with a bright star on the top and also a nearly life size Nativity scene where the manger lay empty, waiting for the baby Jesus.

Two members of Year 3 were invited to tie a purple ribbon onto the Advent tree and to also light a candle in the prayer chapel.

Who Was St Martin?
St Martin was a soldier. He was born in Hungary in 316 and never wanted to join the army but was obliged to by law. At the age of 18, he was posted to Amiens in France. One bitterly cold winter’s night he was riding through the city when he saw a half-naked beggar huddled against a wall. Martin was so moved by the sight that he cut his cloak with his sword and gave one half to the beggar.

That night he had a dream in which Christ appeared to him as the beggar and thanked Martin for clothing him. In response, the young soldier got baptised. Later he was to leave the army to become a soldier of Christ, eventually becoming Bishop of Tours in France. St Martin is remembered today for his service to the poor.

A huge thanks to Christina for her time and patience in giving Year 3 a tour and also answering many questions.



Black Country Museum

Today  we visited the BCLM, although it was very cold it was an enjoyable day. We followed the trail of two Victorian children and compared each others lives.  The children found out how coal was  mined and how it was brought to the surface for distribution. They found out how a Toll worked also,  that large families at times were housed together in a tiny house.

Year 5 visit to BMAG: Learning all about Ancient Egypt

Year 5 visited the Birmingham Museum and Gallery as part of the Pharaohs topic we are learning about. We spent the morning looking around the Ancient Egyptian gallery where we saw artifacts such as sarcophaguses, amulets, tools, hieroglyphs and even a real mummy! We thought carefully about what these artifacts tell us about Ancient Egyptian life, culture, architecture and beliefs. We also used our art skills to sketch some of the artifacts. After lunch, we took part in a mummification workshop. We learnt about all the steps, tools and people who carry out the process. Year 5 had lots of fun on our trip!

Year 3 – Trip to BMAG

This week has been a exciting week for year 3, on Monday, Y3 caught the train into the city centre to visit Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to learn more about our topic ‘Gods and Mortals’. This topic is based around the Ancient Greeks and Y3 will be finding out more across this half term.

At the museum we explored the Ancient Greek gallery, sketched and designed an amphora pot with a geometric design. This design was created by looking at the different pots and recreating it by sketching and adding the fine detail. Also in the gallery we carried out a treasure hunt, where we found the Ancient Greek equivalents of everyday objects, e.g. a jug or mug. Year 3 also found out more about each of the different gods and designed an offering for them.

Finally we worked with Anna, the museum lady and handled different artefacts looking at what they were and what they are used for. This was exciting for year 3 because they were given the opportunity to create a condition report explaining what the condition of each artefact is like. They were also given the opportunity to clean some of the artifacts using a cotton bud and working collaboratively to get it cleaned.
Ask Y3 to tell you more about our visit 🙂


Year 4 – Roman Trip to BMAG

Last week, Year 4 visited the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to learn about the Romans. We travelled to the museum on the train and walked to the museum.
Inside the museum, we explored the Roman artefacts and discovered ancient coins, pottery and mosaics.
After lunch, we took part in a Roman army workshop. We learnt the Latin names for a soldiers uniform, shield and sword. We also discovered how they become the strongest army of their time.
At the end of the day, we took part in a Roman parade and some of us were lucky enough to dress up as Roman characters.

Cosmic Card Trip – Summer Term

The children have spent all term collecting ‘Cosmic Card’ stamps by finishing their day in gold, on the classroom rocket, and by following the expectations of the Academy. The children, with the most stamps – from each class, were awarded with a morning at Star City. KS1 went to Monster Mayhem and McDonalds, whist KS2 went to Mini Golf and KFC. The children then had the chance to play in the park before coming back to school. At St. Clement’s Academy we are very proud of the children’s achievements – well done!

Rivers visit

As part of this term’s topic ‘Flow’, Year 3 visited Beacon Park, Lichfield. We had a great day with Ruth the Ranger observing, sampling and measuring Lemonsley Brook.  After meeting Ruth, we split into three groups and started our activities.  Those of us with wellies on were allowed into the brook to help Miss Greene & Miss Groom measure the width and depth of the brook. We then had to measure the temperature of the water and the last part was the most fun.  To measure how fast the brook was flowing we played the traditional game of Pooh Sticks with dog biscuits because they float and are also kind to the environment. Those without wellies timed them to see how fast the dog biscuits took to travel down river.  We also measured how clean the water was, as this would tell us how well the plant would grow.  The more circles we could see at the bottom of the container, the cleaner the water was.


Next, we went pond dipping with Ruth to take samples of the different creatures living in the brook.  We managed to catch and observe a few creatures.  This proves how clean the water is in Lemonsley Brook. We dragged a net in the water and then emptied our nets into a tray, we then used an identification chart to help us identify the things we had caught.  It was great fun and really interested to see what lives below the surface of the water.

Miss Suwanpatra and her group looked at the trees along the river bank and identified them from our key.  There were eight different trees alongside the river. Why not ask Year 3 to see if they can name them?

Warwick Castle adventures

On Tuesday, Year 2 went on an adventure to Warwick Castle as part of our topic about Castles.

As soon as we got there, we were overwhelmed with how tall the castle was. There were tall, winding towers and strong, stone walls surrounding the grounds. We had such a fun time exploring all of the different parts of the castle and the children were very well behaved.

While we were there, we explore the 500 steps to the top of the tower where we could see over the whole of Warwick. We also saw a massive trebuchet fling a rock over the castle walls, an amazing archer demonstrate his fantastic aim and we even saw a very clever eagle show off it’s flying skills.


We had such a fantastic day!



Y6 trip to Woodlands

On Monday we went to Woodlands activity centre in Streetly.  It was an action packed day full of adventure and thrills. The children were full of energy and raring to go. Activities included zip wire, canoeing, assault course and archery. The weather was kind and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was nice to see their confidence grow.