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6’s and 7’s Pupil Voice

I really enjoyed learning about feelings and talking to other people

Anas – Year 2


I liked learning about giving kind messages to people and about sharing our feelings.

Amelia – Year 2


What I enjoyed the most was sharing our feelings and giving warm messages.

Hafsa – Year 1


I enjoyed learning about giving warm messages and sharing feelings.

Harry – Year 1

Well Being Week…What We Think.

Well Being Week Pupil Voice

Mikaeel Reception – ” All the teachers keep me safe.”

Eliora Reception – ” The cameras on the building help make sure we stay safe.”

Hafsah Year 1 – “We learnt that exercising makes you feel amazing.”

Kye Year 1 – “Exercising give us more energy to do things and keeps us fit.”

Amira Year 2 – “We learnt about being kind to make people feel happy.”

Amaan Year 2 – “I learnt that when you help people you help their feelings.”

Dante Year 3 – “I learnt that deep breathing helps us stay calm.”

Olivia Year 3 – “I learnt lots of ways to keep myself healthy.”

Isaiah Year 4 – “Meditating is a way of staying calm.”

Ayah Year 4 – “I learnt that if my well being is good I am relaxed.”

Codie Year 5 – ” Fake news can be called ‘Clip Bait’ and things like Green Screen and Photo Shop are used to make it.”

Carmen Year 5 – ” Fake news is very bad and is used to spread bad things, make money and to give people the wrong information.”

Shanti Year 6 –  “You should never send inappropriate images – it can ruin your life and others.”

Erica Year 6 – ” I enjoyed learning about how much sleep I should get every night. It was really nice to find this out.”

Anti-bullying Week: Year 5’s Class Assembly on Peer Pressure

Year 5 have been learning about peer pressure as part of Anti-bullying week. We started the week by learnig about the different types of bullying and discussed different ways to tackle bullying. We then explored peer pressure, what it means and how it can effect us. We thought of different was to tackle this and the importance of believing in ourselves rather than giving into what our friends say and do.

On Wednesday, we led the school assembly all about peer pressure. Thank you to the parents and carers who came to watch.

Anti-Bullying Week in Year 3

During Anti-Bullying week, Year 3 have spent time finding out more about the different forms of bullying  by role playing different scenarios and thinking about the feelings of others.

Bullying is something that can hurt you on the inside or on the outside. It hurts you on the outside by hitting you and hurting you physically. It hurts you on the inside by name calling or hurting your feelings.

Bullying is done on purpose, it’s not an accident. If someone hurts you during a game by accident that is not bullying, but if every time you played a game they hurt you, or your feelings that would be bullying.

It can aim to hurt a group of people or just one person and can be done by a group or just one person. Bullying happens more than once. Nobody deserves to be bullied. EVER

After exploring different scenarios, Year 3 discussed what a good friend would do / should be like. Have a look at our ideas on display in our classroom.

Anti-Bullying Week in Reception

This week we have spoken about kindness and feeling happy. We have also spoken about how we are all different but all needed to be treated fairly.

Here are some of the children’s views on kindness:
Salma – “I am kind because I share.”
Sedille – “I am kind because I help tidy up and I am good all the time.”
Aisha – “I am kind because I make friends with everyone.”
Mussie – “I am kind. I help. I tidy.”
Khadija – “I am kind because I play with everyone.”

Here are some of the children feeling happy!


Year 6 Anti Bullying week: Verbal,Visual, Racism and Homophobia

This week we have been looking at the different types of bullying that can occur. We have also looked at  bullying  that happened during Victorian times.

The children were shocked to find out that children, in Victorian times, were made to face the wall and wear a ‘dunces’ just because they were slow learners or unable to keep up with their peers. This was seen as a form of verbal bullying.

Adheer could not believe that children could be humiliated in this way. He was also shocked to find out that children were physically bullied and made to do jobs they didn’t want to do.

We also looked at Homophobia and through discussion children understood that it was another form of bullying and unacceptable.

We  discussed that people have used graffiti and signs as a form of visual bullying through the years and this has also been seen as being  unacceptable.

Erica made reference to this by pointing out  the signs which were used by the Nazis during World War II.

The children now have a better understanding of bullying and that it can occur in different forms

Health and Wellbeing Pupil Voice

The children were asked how, at St. Clement’s Academy, we support and teach positive Health and Wellbeing.

“You can do Yoga to calm yourself down and relax your mind.” Musab Year 4

“The ‘Time Out’ slips help us a share how we feel – if we can’t tell an adult.” Redwan Year 5

“Mindfulness colouring helps us to relax. ” Lyla Year 5

” I have learnt how to take care of my body.” Poppy Year 6

“There is always someone to talk to when you have a problem.” Mohamed Adam Year 6

“There is always help.” Isa Year 6

“If you struggle with your work or worries the teachers will listen to you and help you.” Sumaya A Year 4

“We are taught how to treat ourselves and respect ourselves.” Selah Year 5

“Calm time before PSHE helps us to focus ion our learning and clear our minds.” Kiana Year 5

We are listened to.” Annayah Year 5

“The School Nurse comes in and teaches us how to treat our body and minds in the right way.” Aneesa Year 4


St. Clement’s 1:1 Mentoring – Parent Voice

Just some feedback on the extra friendship sessions that were being conducted with my children.  I have found that this is really helped them in terms of social skills, how to develop and maintain a friendship properly in school time.  The activities completed in the session hake them think about how to behave and deal with situations and more importantly think before acting!

Thanks, Mum


My child has had mentoring sessions to cover how to interact with others both at home and in school.  They have helped with behaviour at home and interactions with her younger sibling. It has helped in school as well as in the classroom she is calmer, and allows the teacher time to deal with arising situations.



1:1 sessions have helped improve our child’s overall attitude towards others especially at home.  We are thankful for the time spent talking with her and giving her techniques that seem to be helping.

Mum and Dad


St. Clement’s Jigsaw Pupil Voice

I have enjoyed Jigsaw this half term.  I have really enjoyed learning about growing up and how we have changed since we were a baby.

Amelia – Year 1


Friendship, I have enjoyed learning about different friendship groups and how to be a good friend.

Elijah – Year 1


I have enjoyed the topic feeling.  I liked how we found out about how each individual has different feelings and how we can deal with them.

Sara – Year 2


Growing Up, I have enjoyed learning about how we change as we grow up and how we change from when we were a baby to who we are now.

Mustafa – Year 2


I enjoyed learning about different relationships and how e can make different friends as we grow older and how to keep those friendships.

Isaiah – Year 3


I have enjoyed learning about different relationships and meeting new people.  About making new friends and I enjoy Jigsaw and how we learn about different things.

Luliyana – Year 3


I have enjoyed learning the topic Feelings.  How we can express or feelings to our loved ones and how we go through different feelings all the time.

Ramesah – Year 4


I enjoyed learning about Change and how we have changed from when we were babies to how we look now and how we mature.

Codie – Year 4


I enjoyed learning about different cultures and knowing what other people around the world believe in and how it is different to us.

Kiana – Year 5


I enjoyed learning about different relationships and how we can make friends from a young age and as years go on the friendship grows stronger

Lyla – Year 5


I enjoyed learning about differences and how it’s good to be different.  If we were all the same it would be a boring world.  I also enjoyed learning about other people’s cultures.

Zaara – Year 6


I have enjoyed learning about how to keep ourselves safe and also enjoyed learning about other people’s cultures and how they do things differently.

Kamille – Year 6