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Ash End Farm

On Monday Reception and Nursery went on a trip to Ash End House Farm. When we arrived we enjoyed having lunch in the barn and then had lots of fun feeding and stroking the different farm animals. We found out lots of information about the animals and what life is like on the farm. We saw cows, horses, chicks, goats, pigs, and much more. Our favourite part of the trip was seeing the reindeer and Santa. Santa gave us all a present and we sang lots of Christmas songs throughout the day. We also learnt about the Christmas story and acted it out. Before our coach journey back to school we had a play in the play area.

Write Dance in Nursery

Twice a week in Nursery we all take part in Write Dance activities.  These help our muscles to develop so that we will be able to write letters and words when we are ready.

We start by singing a song that has actions to go with it.  We then make marks on big paper to go with each part of the song.

Busy bees in Nursery

The children have been making things using junk modelling.  Some children made cars, Rhight made a yellow Lamborghini!

The new book area has been very popular.  The nursery children love listening to stories and looking at books by themselves.

Here the children are practising their mark making skills.  All the give meaning to their marks, which is the first stage of learning to write.  Well done Nursery 🙂

Maths week parent workshop


During Maths week Nursery have used the song ‘Five Currant Buns’ as our focus.  We have also been learning about the number one and recognising one of different objects.

When our parents came in for our workshop we sang them the song.  Then we decorated the currant buns we had made.  We counted spoonfuls of icing sugar and drops of water, mixed it together and then put one cherry on the top.

We also made a poster all about the number one.

Finally we cut out currant buns so that we could take them home and sing the song with our families.

Whatever Next!

This week our story of the week has been Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.

We heard about baby bear’s adventure to the moon.  We then used props to retell the story and went on our own moon adventures!

Lots of children have been practising their mark making and early writing.  These children are writing their names to put on their duplo models.

Routines and resources

This week the children have been continuing to explore the resources available at Nursery.  We have been supporting them with routines and how to use the resources.  We are starting to get better at tidying up!

Writing her name to stick on the model she had made.

Entertaining everyone with instruments and singing.

Exploring the paints.  Learning just to use a small amount is tricky!

Fabulous cooperative play 🙂 There were lots of stories being made up here, train crashes, cats stuck in trees and broken bridges, the emergency services were busy!

The Gingerbread Man

This week in Nursery we have been reading the story of The Gingerbread Man.

The children have been really good at joining in with the repeating phrases.  They have enjoyed using the stick puppets to act out the story.  We also changed the story by adding new characters, the children  had lots of super ideas, at one point we even had a seahorse swimming after the gingerbread man!

Outside fun :)

Nursery have been making the most of the wonderful sunshine.  Outside we have a range of activities and resources that the children independently select and use.

Developing social skills.  Exploring shape.  Counting.   Acting out experiences.  Learning new vocabulary.

Which truck will go the fastest?  Which one will go the furthest?  What makes them stop?

Sharing a book together 🙂

The children were singing and playing the instruments together.  They taught me the words to the song and were excited to perform.