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Forest School

This week a new group of children came outside for their first Forest School session.  We got to know the rules, explored the area and did a team building challenge.

The children all had to stand on the tarpaulin.  Then they had to work as a team to try and flip the tarpaulin over without anyone’s feet touching the ground.

Jenneh collected litter and put it in the bin.  What a superstar 🙂

Forest School week beginning 24th September

This week the sun was shining 🙂

Some of the children finished their wood cookies, we wrote one of the Fruit of the Spirit on each one and then made a hole with the palm drill, threaded wool through the hole and hung them in the willow dome.

We also made a rope swing and had great fun using it.  I was impressed with the way the children took turns.

There was also more mini den building going on.

Forest school

This week, Year 2 were lucky enough to be taken out for their first lesson in our fantastic forest school area.

Mrs Grant paid us a visit and took the children out to explore. The children were given a tricky task, The Gruffalo needed a new house! The children soon got busy thinking about all of the things that the children would need to be comfortable and safe. They all showed fantastic imagination and were able to learn new skills and use what was available to build amazing houses for The Gruffalo. One group even made him some toys to play with!

The children really enjoyed their first forest school experience and are excited that they will be able to do more when they go into KS2 next year. They were all well behaved and showed off their fantastic team building and communication skills. Well done!

Marshmallows, den building and swings :)

The children have really made the most of using the area at lunchtimes this week.  There has been lots of good team work and problem solving whilst den building and lots of patience shown when waiting for a turn on the rope swing.

During a Forest School session the Year 5 children toasted marshmallows.  They learned lots of fire safety information and were very respectful of the fire.  The children really enjoyed the marshmallows  and they found it relaxing to be able to sing songs around the fire.

Forest School

This week the Year 4 children were determined to make a rope swing.  I supported them to find a suitable branch.  They then worked together to get the rope over the branch.  This involved a lot of perseverance and team work 🙂  They really enjoyed using the swing once they had finally completed it.

The Year 5 children were busy doing a variety of activities.

Some children used the loppers and the bow saw to cut down and trim some of the willow branches ready to use them for den building.

Some children used the peelers to whittle sticks and then decorated them.

Some children had a go at using the flint and steel strikers.

Forest School: May 9th and 10th

This week in Forest School all of the children learned how to use a bow saw.  They listened carefully to the tools talk so that they knew how to use the saw safely.  They then worked with me to cut a slice from a large branch.  Some children then decorated their slice of wood.

I taught the Year 5 children how to bend willow branches into a circle.  Some of the children made them in to crowns.

The Year 4 children wanted to learn how to make bracelets.  I taught them a method that takes lots of concentration.  You need 4 strands of wool with sticks tied on the end.  You have to throw the sticks to your partner and be ready to catch theirs.  The children worked really well together and made some lovely bracelets.


Forest School week beginning 30th April

We have had two really busy sessions this week.

Learning how to tie a clove hitch knot.  It was tricky but it was great to see the perseverance of the children and lovely to see them helping each other.

A perfect clove hitch 🙂
Look at the concentration!

Using potato peelers to peel the bark off willow sticks.

Lashing sticks together.
Clay face
Clay face
Using the books for ideas and then making clay faces and creatures
Using the potato peeler