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Stay and play

At St Clement’s Stay and Play we have been having lots of fun. The children are becoming more confident, engaging with each other and learning new skills.

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This week we saw one of our children finally master walking with her push along frame. This milestone was celebrated by everyone, which made mum and daughter very proud.

If you would like more information about St Clement’s Stay and Play then see Miss Akers or come along Wednesday mornings at 9am.

Stay and Play

A great first week back at St Clement’s Stay and Play. The children had a fabulous time exploring and playing with their friends. Song time again was a popular part of the session. This week, we enjoyed ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ and ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’.

Come and join in the fun every Wednesday, 9am – 10am, St Clement’s School Hall.

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Stay and Play

Another great session at St. Clement’s Stay and Play. This week we had new families come along and join in the fun. The children enjoyed using the soft play area and playing with construction toys. The babies too had a fabulous time in the ‘Teddy Reading Pit’ – sharing stories with their parents and friends.

Wednesday 9am – 10am St. Clement’s School Hall

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Stay and Play

The first week back to St. Clement’s Stay and Play and the children couldn’t wait to get started. They enjoyed seeing each other after the holidays and spent sometime outside playing together. Song time is still a much loved part of the session and the children are becoming more involved in singing along.

Look out for next weeks session or come along and join in the fun!

Wednesday 9am – 10am St. Clement’s School Hall.

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Stay and Play

This week was the last St Clement’s Stay and Play until September. The children again had a wonderful time exploring, singing, sharing and learning new things.

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Please come along and support our community stay and play sessions, which will start again in the Autumn term. ¬†Keep a look out in the St Clement’s Newsletter for more information.

Miss Akers

Stay and Play

Thanks to the sunshine, we enjoyed some time outside this week. The children were able to experience new things and interact with some of our Early Years children. The water play was very popular, which caused a few sad faces when it was time to come inside.

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Again song time was enjoyed by all. This week we danced the morning away to ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘If you’re Happy and You Know it’.

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Come and join the fun Wednesdays, 9.00am – 10.00am, St Clement’s School Hall.

Stay and Play

This week, we had an amazing turn out for St Clement’s Stay and Play.

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The children enjoyed interacting with their friends, exploring equipment and building on their developing skills.

Fun and laughter was had by all during song time. ¬†‘If You’re Happy and You Know it’ and ‘Head Shoulders Knees and Toes’ got all the children and adults moving.

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Come and join in the fun next week!


We have recently seen the start of, St Clement’s Stay and Play!

Fun, friendship and a fantastic time has been had by all who have attended so far.

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Bloomsbury Family Centre are also there to help the running of the sessions and to support the development of the children.

If you would like anymore information please see Miss Akers or come along to the school hall Wednesdays 9am – 10am.