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We have an Eco-Council in school.  Their role is to help the school become more environmentally friendly.

Last term they helped run our ‘Switch Off Fortnight’ campaign, encouraging everyone to save energy and money by switching of lights and appliances when not in use.  Over the two week campaign we managed to save 30kwh of electricity.

I am going to put one of the members in charge of updating the blog so watch this space for more news soon!

Mrs Grant

Forest School

It was great to be back out in the Forest School area with the KS2 group.  Despite it being a few weeks since our last session the children had remembered the rules and routines.

We played a few hide and seek type games to make sure we kept moving in the cold weather.

The children made their own choices for part of the session.  It was great to see lots of team work and children being very focused on what they wanted to achieve.  Some children decided to work alone but were just as determined to be able to complete what they had set out to do.

This den became the perfect place to sit and read a book 🙂

These children had a clear goal and with two others communicated well and worked as a team to achieve it.

Some children worked with me to use the bow saw to cut branches.  This is a good mindfulness activity as the only thing you can think about is what is happening there and then 🙂  The children need to listen carefully and follow instructions.  They also enjoy that there is an element of risk involved and feel a sense of achievement when they have cut through the branch.


This week in Nursery we have been reading Aliens love Underpants.

The children have really enjoyed the story, there have been lots of giggles when listening to what the cheeky aliens get up to.

The book is full of rhyming words and some children are starting to spot them.

The children have created colourful pairs of pants which we are going to put up on display soon so come and have a look.

Our family project this half term is for the children to make their own aliens.  They can be made from any resources.  They could be made from old cardboard boxes, playdough, scraps of fabric or anything else you can think of.  We are looking forward to seeing them in school in a few weeks time.

Write Dance in Nursery

Twice a week in Nursery we all take part in Write Dance activities.  These help our muscles to develop so that we will be able to write letters and words when we are ready.

We start by singing a song that has actions to go with it.  We then make marks on big paper to go with each part of the song.

Busy bees in Nursery

The children have been making things using junk modelling.  Some children made cars, Rhight made a yellow Lamborghini!

The new book area has been very popular.  The nursery children love listening to stories and looking at books by themselves.

Here the children are practising their mark making skills.  All the give meaning to their marks, which is the first stage of learning to write.  Well done Nursery 🙂

Forest School

This week a new group of children came outside for their first Forest School session.  We got to know the rules, explored the area and did a team building challenge.

The children all had to stand on the tarpaulin.  Then they had to work as a team to try and flip the tarpaulin over without anyone’s feet touching the ground.

Jenneh collected litter and put it in the bin.  What a superstar 🙂