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Year 6 Anti Bullying week: Verbal,Visual, Racism and Homophobia

This week we have been looking at the different types of bullying that can occur. We have also looked at  bullying  that happened during Victorian times.

The children were shocked to find out that children, in Victorian times, were made to face the wall and wear a ‘dunces’ just because they were slow learners or unable to keep up with their peers. This was seen as a form of verbal bullying.

Adheer could not believe that children could be humiliated in this way. He was also shocked to find out that children were physically bullied and made to do jobs they didn’t want to do.

We also looked at Homophobia and through discussion children understood that it was another form of bullying and unacceptable.

We  discussed that people have used graffiti and signs as a form of visual bullying through the years and this has also been seen as being  unacceptable.

Erica made reference to this by pointing out  the signs which were used by the Nazis during World War II.

The children now have a better understanding of bullying and that it can occur in different forms

End of Autumn 1

Year 6 have had a successful half term and have enjoyed new  learning .

The  children took part in maths  week, were writing narratives about mechanical animals   and even  performed poetry.  Science was enjoyable too as they got to make parallel circuits and create a light celebration.

The children are eagerly awaiting their  letters from their International school in India.

Maths Week

This week in year 6 we were looking at using measures in the work place .We looked at how a hairdresser uses ratio when preparing hair colour.  The children made hair colour using given ratio, costed hair treatments from given facts and converted measures. The parent workshop was fun with parents working with ratio.

Final electrical circuits

At last the Arctic animals and lighthouses are complete.The children thought hard about their end designs. If they were not  able  to light it up then they had to problem solve and find the break in the circuit. The  children were able to follow  their design brief and select appropriate electrical materials to complete their circuit.

Year 6 International links

Year 6  have now made  International  links with a school in India.

We have send letters to the school via post and eagerly await their replies. For our display we researched  India,made fact files, found about daily life in India through watching  video clips. In art  we made Mehndi  patterns for both boys and girls.

Welcome to Year 6

It has been great  to have the children back this week, they seem so keen and focused. We were excited to hear we had an International link with a school in India. Today, we have been working hard  writing letters to our new friends in India. They also watched a video on New Dehli,the children were keen to make comparisons.

End of Year graduation and production Year 6

This was a momentous day for Year 6. The children took part in their graduation  ceremony and were  very emotional and proud  when telling of  their fond memories of the times at St Clement’s.

We moved swiftly onto our class  production ‘ Robin and the Nechells Hoodies’  It was a super performance with all the children enjoying  their new found acting roles. The children sung beautifully too and the parents were very impressed.

Well done Year 6, you were a credit to yourselves ,the  staff and  your family. We wish you every success in your Secondary Schools.

Year 6 Leavers Service

On Monday, Year 6 took part in the Leavers service in St Martin’s Church,Bullring, Birmingham.

The children had to share in a service with other children from Year 6 classes through out the borough. They  celebrated differences and being accepted for who they are. Each child had to make a name card  and glasses that reflected their personality.

We had a picnic lunch on return from the church.