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Learning about Hinduism in Year 5

Year 5’s RE topic this term is Hinduism and we are thinking about commitment. Our ‘big question’ is ‘How far will a Hindu go to show commitment?’

This week, we learnt about artifacts like the puja tray, which contains kum kum powder, incense, diva lamps, prashard (different types of offerings) and fruit or sweets. Did you know that different Murtis (gods or goddesses) like different types of offerings. Hindus do puja at least once a day as part of their daily routine to show commitment to their religion.

In groups, we made puja trays and the artifacts that are used by Hindus in this practice.

Stop motion videos in Year 5

Year 5 have created stop motion videos using apps in the iPads. We first made story boards to plan the movements of the subject (the astronaut and space probe) across the landscapes that we had created. We took pictures, moving the subject a little bit at a time. Have a look at the videos that we created! We’re feeling very proud of our learning about Space!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10


Fantastic Space Dioramas in Year 5

Year 5 have had so much fun learning all about space and using everything we have learnt to create dioramas. We started by researching, then, in groups, we planned and designed a planet. We listed the equipment and materials that we would need. Then we put our plans into action and created a space scene. They look fabulous! Next week we are going to film stop motion videos of a shuttle landing so stay tuned!

Well Being Week in Year 5

Year 5 have been learning about physical well being and why being healthy is important. We learnt about different activities and the amount of energy we use. Did you know that physical activity is necessary for strong muscles, bones and a healthy heart? We tried out different activities and then had a go measuring our heart rates to see how it changed over time.

We also learnt about keeping safe online. Year 5 learnt about fake news, why it happens and we came up with some tips on how to tell if news is fake or real. Remember: if a news story seems exaggerated or unrealistic, you should double check on a reliable news source.

Moon art in Year 5

Year 5 have learnt all about shading and smudging and have been using this technique to create shapes and shadows that can be seen on the moon’s surface. We have used our knowledge of the moon’s craters to make these images. First, we used a viewfinder to choose a section of the moon’s surface. Then we shaded with chalk and smudged with our fingertips to create different effects.

Anti-bullying Week: Year 5’s Class Assembly on Peer Pressure

Year 5 have been learning about peer pressure as part of Anti-bullying week. We started the week by learnig about the different types of bullying and discussed different ways to tackle bullying. We then explored peer pressure, what it means and how it can effect us. We thought of different was to tackle this and the importance of believing in ourselves rather than giving into what our friends say and do.

On Wednesday, we led the school assembly all about peer pressure. Thank you to the parents and carers who came to watch.

Ancient Egyptian Non-chronological reports in Year 5

Year 5 have been putting all their learning in writing and in the Ancient Egyptian topic. We have created non-chronological reports by writing a first draft, then editing and improving. We then published and added labelled diagrams. We also worked in teams to make posters about different aspects of Ancient Egypt as well. We’ve had a lot of fun growing our knowledge and developing our skills.

Year 5 Maths at Work: Project Runway

Year 5 have had a fantastic week learning about the maths skills that are needed to be a fashion designer. We started the week by practicing our measuring and conversion skills using different equipment. We also explored the world of fashion and the process that a designer needs to go through from start to finish. At he end of the week we put our skills in place. During the parents workshop, we created mock-ups of our designs. We then worked in teams to make full sized clothes. We’ve had such fun putting maths into practice.


Year 5 visit to BMAG: Learning all about Ancient Egypt

Year 5 visited the Birmingham Museum and Gallery as part of the Pharaohs topic we are learning about. We spent the morning looking around the Ancient Egyptian gallery where we saw artifacts such as sarcophaguses, amulets, tools, hieroglyphs and even a real mummy! We thought carefully about what these artifacts tell us about Ancient Egyptian life, culture, architecture and beliefs. We also used our art skills to sketch some of the artifacts. After lunch, we took part in a mummification workshop. We learnt about all the steps, tools and people who carry out the process. Year 5 had lots of fun on our trip!