End of Spring term

Year 6 have had yet another successful term in the lead up to SATs. They finished their Salvation unit in RE by making and thinking about how they could  use salvation in their Easter card designs. The class designed stained glass crosses with the biblical reference ‘ I am the reserrurection and the life’ John 11 : 25-26




Forest School 9th April

This week we planted trees to fill in some of the gaps in the new hedge.  Do you remember that really long spell of hot sunny weather we had last year?  Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to water the trees, some of them died.  So we got some new saplings free from The Woodland Trust to replace them.

Some of the children used sticks, grass and stones to make nests.  I think they did a great job.

Butterflies in Reception

A couple of weeks ago we had some caterpillars in Reception and Nursery. We watched them grow and spin their cocoons. We waited patiently and over the weekend the butterflies pushed their way out of their cocoons. On Tuesday we set them free to explore the big, wide world. It has been amazing to watch the changes over time.

Year 5 trip to the Botanical Gardens

On Wednesday, Year 5 visited the Botanical Gardens as part of their learning about the topic Rain forests. The class had a fantastic time  in the taught session where they learnt about plants and animals from the rain forests. In these sessions the class had the opportunity to handle the animals: there was a stick insect, a chameleon and a corn snake. There was also some enormous seeds, such as the coconuts and the coco de mer. They were enormous! Year 5 then went exploring the different plants and birds. We saw the tropical, sub-tropical, Mediterranean and arid houses. We also met some  beautiful peacocks, peahens, parakeets (budgies) and a very friendly macaw! We learnt a lot and had lots of fun!

SATs are looming

In Year 6 this week we have been using our knowledge to solve a selection of typical word problems involving decimals, fractions and percentages.

The children have study books to help them and find these really useful.  They have been using their skills to relate decimals to fractions and percentages.

Forest School 2nd and 4th April

On Tuesday it was the younger children’s turn to toast marshmallows.  The children were all able to recall the ways to keep safe and what to do in an emergency.  We learnt about the fire triangle.  This tells us the three things a fire needs to stay burning.  If you find out what the three things are come and find me to tell me!

On Thursday the weather was cold, windy and wet.  So, we made a shelter and drank hot chocolate to keep warm.  I was really impressed with the way the children worked together.

Thinking about the special people who look after us!

In year 2 we have been busy preparing for Mother’s Day. We have been learning lots of songs, in preparation for the Mothers’s Day assembly, thanking our mum’s for all the wonderful ways they help us. We made some beautiful cards by sketching Spring daffodils and carefully colouring them in using watercolours. As a class we discussed ways that we could thank people who look after us and thought of simple gestures as ways to show our appreciation.

Year 1’s trip to Wing Yip

As part of our Topic ‘Where in the world’ we have been exploring different places in the world. We have looked at animals, sports and food from different continents. Year 1 visited Wing Yip to find out what food people in East Asia would eat. We bought some tasty spring rolls, crispy prawn crackers and some delicious lychee and mango juice. We had a great time and will enjoy tasting the yummy food!