PCSO visit to Year 3

Year 3 had a visit like Year 2 from our local PCSO’s – Police and Community Support Officers Louise and Robbie. They are based at Nechells police station and their main role is to keep the area we live and go to school in safe. They are working in partnership with our community to educate all and are really working hard to make sure that we all feel safe in our local area.

Louise and Robbie reminded us that there are good strangers and bad strangers and that they are good strangers. It is ok to ask a good stranger for help when lost but to always ask them to show their identification badge to check.

Year 3 had homework set by the PCSO’s to learn their full address so if ever lost they would be able to be returned home quick and also that 999 is the number to call if we need the help of the police.

Police Visit.

This week, Year 2 had a very special visit from two important people who help us in our community. They are Police Community Support Officers and their job is to look after us when we are out and about.

We heard all about their jobs and the special equipment they need like torches, Kevlar vests, radios and even special shoes. We were lucky enough to try on some of their uniform too!

Year 2 asked some interesting questions to find out more about what they do. Now we know that there are numbers on the tops of police cars so that helicopters know which officers are in which cars. We also know that if we are in trouble and need help, we can ring 999 and tell them our name and address. Do you know your home address in case of emergency?

Whatever Next!

This week our story of the week has been Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.

We heard about baby bear’s adventure to the moon.  We then used props to retell the story and went on our own moon adventures!

Lots of children have been practising their mark making and early writing.  These children are writing their names to put on their duplo models.

Year 5 visit to BMAG: Learning all about Ancient Egypt

Year 5 visited the Birmingham Museum and Gallery as part of the Pharaohs topic we are learning about. We spent the morning looking around the Ancient Egyptian gallery where we saw artifacts such as sarcophaguses, amulets, tools, hieroglyphs and even a real mummy! We thought carefully about what these artifacts tell us about Ancient Egyptian life, culture, architecture and beliefs. We also used our art skills to sketch some of the artifacts. After lunch, we took part in a mummification workshop. We learnt about all the steps, tools and people who carry out the process. Year 5 had lots of fun on our trip!

Final electrical circuits

At last the Arctic animals and lighthouses are complete.The children thought hard about their end designs. If they were not  able  to light it up then they had to problem solve and find the break in the circuit. The  children were able to follow  their design brief and select appropriate electrical materials to complete their circuit.

Non-fiction learning

This week we have been learning about non-fiction books.  We have learnt to look out for features such as; a contents page, labels, captions, an index page and a glossary.  We looked through lots of books to see if we could find the non-fiction books using a checklist of features.  We sorted fiction and non-fiction books so well!

We have made our own pages of a non fiction book about ‘My Amazing Body’.  We labelled a leg and a whole skeleton!  Then we wrote captions about parts of our body and our organs.  We even thought about the job each organ can do.  Well done Year One for such enthusiastic learning this week!

We love the outdoors!

The children have been busy doing some fantastic learning outside this week. We have set up some different areas for the children to play in. You may have noticed our new garage role play, reading area, writing and maths sheds and our ‘Three Bears’ cottage! We have also explored some autumn vegetables and used acorns, conkers, and leaves to create art work. 




The children have voted and this years Pupil Council and UNICEF representatives have been chosen.

Together they will be called ‘Children Champions’ and will carry out a range of tasks. Firstly, they will be looking at changing the academy’s house point system and designing and calculating cost for a KS2 outdoor classroom. Whilst carrying out these jobs the Champions will also be collecting pupil voice and making sure the views of the students of St. Clements Academy are heard.

Article 12: Every child has the right to express their
views, feelings and wishes in all matters
affecting them, and to have their views
considered and taken seriously. This right
applies at all times, for example during
immigration proceedings, housing decisions
or the child’s day-to-day home life.

Well done to you all.

Year 3 – Trip to BMAG

This week has been a exciting week for year 3, on Monday, Y3 caught the train into the city centre to visit Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to learn more about our topic ‘Gods and Mortals’. This topic is based around the Ancient Greeks and Y3 will be finding out more across this half term.

At the museum we explored the Ancient Greek gallery, sketched and designed an amphora pot with a geometric design. This design was created by looking at the different pots and recreating it by sketching and adding the fine detail. Also in the gallery we carried out a treasure hunt, where we found the Ancient Greek equivalents of everyday objects, e.g. a jug or mug. Year 3 also found out more about each of the different gods and designed an offering for them.

Finally we worked with Anna, the museum lady and handled different artefacts looking at what they were and what they are used for. This was exciting for year 3 because they were given the opportunity to create a condition report explaining what the condition of each artefact is like. They were also given the opportunity to clean some of the artifacts using a cotton bud and working collaboratively to get it cleaned.
Ask Y3 to tell you more about our visit 🙂